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The Pear is a food item in that spawns in the Land and Arctic biomes.


  • Pears normally spawn in Land and Arctic, on islands in lakes and in bushes in both mentioned biomes.
    • They are uncommon, and are easily found in the mentioned environments.
  • They give typically 400+ XP when eaten, as well as some water.
  • Can be eaten by Giraffe tier and above.


The Pear is a green fruit, that looks like a lopsided oval. It is round around the bottom, and gets thinner near the stem. The stem is small, brown and slightly curved.


Coming Soon


  • Pears used to freeze whoever ate it, but from recent updates, it doesn't anymore.
  • It used to be the most eaten resource in the Arctic until the Arctic Nut was introduced.
  • On the February 14 2017 update pear XP was halved to prevent too easy leveling.
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