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The Onion is a food that was added as part of the Viral Pandemic game mode, on March 2020. It is no longer accessible due to the Viral Pandemic mode being disabled.


  • It spawns in all biomes.
  • The Onion has a Health Bar, and can be eaten in three hits (one hit for the Black Dragon).
  • When eaten, it boosts immunity by 10% when not infected. When infected however, it reduces infection by 3%.
  • They provide 10-20 XP for lower tiers, and around 60 XP for higher tiers.


The Onion is a small, round food that is an orange color. It has long leaves sprouting from the top.


Eat Onions while playing Viral Pandemic to maintain your virus immunity, and to keep infection at bay. For lower tiers such as Mouse and Rabbit, you can eat Onions merely for their XP, as they are useful for levelling up and a convenient alternative to berries and other foods, as they spawn in all biomes.

As a high tier animal, you should eat them simply to preserve any immunity, and if you do catch the virus. However, the Onion only gives 10% more immunity so you should try not get to that stage. If you can see your virus immunity falling, eat as many Onions as you can; better be safe than sorry.




  • It is one of the many foods added in the Viral Pandemic game mode, and is also one of the few types of food that can be eaten by all animals in
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