Ocean background

In the Ocean you can find:


1. Shrimp (tier 1)

2. Trout (tier 2)

3. Crab (tier 3)

4. Seahorse (tier 4)

5. Squid/Flamingo (tier 5)

6. Jellyfish (tier 6)

7. Turtle (tier 7)

8. Stingray (tier 8)

9. Pufferfish/Pelican (tier 9)

10. Swordfish (tier 10)

11. Octopus (tier 11)

12. Shark (tier 12)

13. Killer Whale (tier 13)

14. Blue Whale (tier 14)

15. Kraken/King Crab (tier 15)

16. Sea Monster (tier 16)

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An ocean.

Oceans are regions located on the left-most and the right-most side of the map. They use the exact same mechanics as lakes; they restore water while in it and gives you the capability to dive. Similarly to lakes, most land animals are slowed down in the oceans, with the exceptions of a few animals that can swim faster in water. The oceans are connected by two rivers with opposing currents. Only crocodiles,hippos, dragons, black dragon and king dragon isn’t effected by the currents. Oceans have chunks of land called islands that function similarly to hills and trees, in which they can only be accessed by select animals such as bears and dragons. On the ocean , dark green outlines are blue. Desert animals can be affected with freezing if stayed in the waters.

The oceans appear as a huge body of water in which normally houses ocean animals. Along the shore of the oceans are waves that gently crash against a sand boundary that separates the land area from the oceans. Seaweeds, Kelps, Clams, Conches and Snails spawn in the oceans, as well as in rivers.

There are currently 14 ocean animals in the game (for every land animal there is) with most having an ability.


  • Ocean theme has changed to bright in March 17.
  • Ocean theme has changed back again to dark on the same day.
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