Not to be confused with Lakes or Poison Lakes, a similar type of terrain that can only be found in the Land and Arctic biome.

The Oasis is a water body surrounded by quicksand that spawns in the Desert biome, which increases and decreases its water quantity over time.


  • The Oasis is a water body that is surrounded by quicksand, and normally hills and rocks too.
  • Water will refill and dry out over time. When water is completely dried out, no animals can dive.
    • At maximum capacity, when the oasis floods, it will essentially be like a lake that is edged with a little quicksand.
  • More animals make it drain faster and make it longer to refill the wet sand part.
  • Only 3 oases will spawn in the complete expanse of the Desert.
  • Melons and Chili Peppers will commonly spawn in oases.
    • If Melons receive enough water they can naturally become a melon slice.
  • Any animal that moves fast in quicksand will be able to do so in the oasis' quicksand, as will they be able to with water.
    • Unlike with regular quicksand, you receive water overtime from standing on the quicksand of an oasis.


The Oasis is a large patch of dark yellow quicksand, with a patch of blue water in its center. Often hills can spawn on them, but this depends purely on the structure of the map.


Most desert animals can't move well in water, so it's not advised to spend too much time there unless you're farming for Melons. Land animals such as the Crocodile or Hippo can thrive in there; eating desert prey and the XP-rich Melons. If you're a desert animal, you can go into the water to escape a predator, as most desert predators are slow there. If the oasis has dried out, go there to gradually increase your water bar.



  • The water mechanics of the Oasis are identical to those of the Poison Lake.
  • Before the #GoldenAge update of December 23, 2019, the Meerkat, Rattlesnake, Komodo Dragon and Blackwidow Spider weren't able to move fast on quicksand but now they can, making the oasis a prime spot for levelling up.
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