Oh no! This article is about a scrapped idea that didn't make it into the game! Please do not delete this page, or the Snake will eat you.
Natural Disasters are an upcoming features in The first one is a volcano then probably earthquake (or volcano and earthquake together). It's going to be released in one of the next few updates if not the next major update. It was confirmed by Pike in the official subreddit. Also pike confirmed the natural disasters in this wiki :

The COLOSSAL is coming...

Confirmed disasters:

  • Tornado - Not much has been revealed by Clickstan(the creator of about the tornado. What we do know is that it looks like a big, grayish rotating spiral that is a bit transparent. It can pull food like banana's and coconut's from trees. It even pulls snowball's and lilypads as seen in a momo gamer(KOA's son) video.
  • Tsunami - The Tsunami is an upcoming natural disaster to, revealed by momo gamer. (KOA's son), The Tsunami looks like a bunch of huge Orca waves, Any animal can be affected by the Tsunami, except for Black Dragons, and most likely Dragons.
  • Rainstorm - Nothing is really known about it,but if it spawns in the ocean mud appears under all hils in the rainstorm area.
  • Windstorm - Nothing was revealed about it,except the fact it pushes animals
  • Hurricane - Its confirmed by KOA's son, momo gamer, Its like the Tornado, But more dangerous, And it has VERY VERY BIG WAVES! BIGGER THAN TSUNAMI'S WAVES!