Not to be confused with the Red Mushroom, the mushroom that appears to be on mushroom bushes, but also spawns as a separate food. Or the bush, a non-solid entity that can spawn other food sources in it.

Mushroom Bushes are food sources that spawn in the Land biome


  • Mushroom Bushes spawn in Land, in any given location.
  • They can be eaten by Zebra/Turtle/Muskox and above.
  • They give 1.2k - 6k XP.
  • Mushroom bushes have Health Bars, and can be eaten in 9 hits, for all animals except the Black Dragon.
  • When you press S into a mushroom bush, Mushrooms and berries can appear near it.


The Mushroom Bush looks like a Red Mushroom inside a Bush, and Mushrooms will spawn around it.



  • There was a bug that made it so all animals could eat the Mushroom Bush, allowing a Mouse to evolve directly to Fox. It is fixed now.
  • Elephants could eat Mushroom Bushes with just one swipe of their trunk. This was deleted recently.
  • The Mushroom Bush is actually a Mushroom on top of a Bush, and that's why it's called "Mushroom Bush."
  • In the Viral Pandemic mode, by eating a Mushroom bush you could get a 'face mask' which protected your animal from the virus for a minute and 30 seconds.
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