Mud is a brown-colored terrain feature exclusive to the Land area that slows down most Animals that come in contact with it. However, Pigs,Chickens, Rabbits, Donkeys, Crocodiles, Rhinos, Cobras, Boa Constrictors, DragonsHippos, Elephants, Sabertooth Tigers, Warthogs, Komodo Dragons and Black Dragons are able to swim/fly quickly through mud, but Rhino and Elephant can only move slightly faster in mud. Mushrooms often spawn in mud. Mud also slowly regenerates your water. It also spawns carrots and mushroom bushes. Newly, as new as December 25, 2017, there was an update where there were eggs, which gave about thirty xp .On March 12, 2020 there was an update that come animals can dive in it again, these animals include hippo, komodo ,pig,warthog,croc,rhino,boa, and the chicken. Animals that cant swim in it get the mud affect where mud covers the animal making it very slow (even when not touching mud) for a few seconds.

Animals that move fast in mud



  • On the first Update of the game, there was a bug that let Animals have an extremely fast-boost by boosting inside the mud. However, this bug was already fixed.
  • Sometimes there will be small brown dots around the mud, similar to Lakes.
    • This is to make the mud look more realistic.
  • On the Feb. 10 update, water no longer spawns in mud due to the fact that mud regenerates your water.
  • On the Feb. 11 Bug fixes Update, New Cobra Could go fast in mud as it was buffed.
  • The only animal that can spawn mud with its ability is the Meerkat.
  • Crocodile, Boa Constrictor, and Hippo can dive in mud in the July 26, 2019 update.
  • If you are an animal that can't move normally in mud in real life, (Eagle, Cassowary, etc) you would be covered in mud which slows you down for 5–10 seconds. Mud can wear off fast in water.
  • Alternatively, If you dive in mud, you come out covered in dirt, but it doesn't affect you. Elephants and T Rexes still move normal speed, but still get covered in mud.
  • lion cubs can move fast through mud, but when they exit mud covered in dirt, they will go slower.
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