Mud is a brown-colored terrain source in that is exclusive to the Land biome, and host to a number of sub-terrains and food sources.



Mud patches are large brown circles, with uneven splotches of mud scattered around the edge of said circles. Multiple terrain and food items, most commonly hills, rocks, mushrooms, water spots and carrots, can be seen too.


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  • On the first update of the game, there was a bug that allowed animals to move extremely fast when boosting on mud.
  • Sometimes there will be small brown dots around the mud, similarly to lakes.
  • The only animal that can create a variant of mud with its ability is the Meerkat.
  • Lion cubs can move fast through mud, but when they exit mud covered in dirt, they will go slower.
  • On December 25, 2017, Eggs also could be found in mud. However, this effect was reverted as Eggs are now exclusive to Lakes.
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