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This article is about the non-playable food item. For the playable Mouse, see Mouse (animal).The Mouse is a food in It is edible by any animal above tier 1 and gives 60 XP upon eating. The Mouse is very small, around the size of a newly spawned one. It was originally added on the first version of game, and was converted into an AI-controlled animal in the update (November 15th). They are rare in the Land, and move towards random directions, as the Mouse's AI decides where to go, and can run away from predators. They may also bite players' tails but do not actively hunt for them. So, before eating it, let it bite your tail or push it to a healing stone. The Mouse is like the land equivalent of the Chipmunk, and gives same XP.


  • It is the 3rd AI in the game, the first being the snail and the second being the Chipmunk. The 4th is the duck/duckling/egg
  • It was added on 15th November along with the Eagle.
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