You're a tiny mouse- Eat food to grow!
Not to be confused with Mouse (food), an unplayable AI animal that was removed from the game.

The Mouse is the first Land animal in, and equivalent to the Shrimp, Chipmunk, and the Desert Rat.



The Mouse is one of the simplest animals due to its lack of abilities, as well as the smallest - only freshly upgraded Rabbits, Trout, and Arctic Hares are slightly smaller. It is one of the only Animals without a tail that can be bitten, the only others being the Shrimp, Desert Chipmunk, Rabbit, Trout, Arctic Hare, and Crab. Its base is dark gray and has a brighter head. It's head features a triangular snout with a gray-pink rounded nose with freckles around it. It also has black eyes, gray ears, and a gray-pink tail.

The Purple and Gold Mouse have bigger eyes, but the Golden Mouse has gold fur, and the Purple Mouse has purple fur.


The best way to upgrade is to find mushrooms and press the S key to shoot water into them. Once shooting an adequate amount, they will get bigger and bigger until they've turned into lots of berries the player can eat. It should take about four water droplets for the mushroom to turn into berries. The player should keep doing this until they upgrade. Try to use up all your water on mushrooms before you upgrade, as the water bar automatically resets to full once you upgrade. Try not to shoot at red mushrooms, as it gives less food in return. When low in the water, look for a water spot as that is usually the best way to regain water. Another approach to levelling up is by using a healing stone. Predators will normally not bother trying to eat you, as mice are relatively low in XP. However, it can be killed in 3 bites, and is slow in mud, water, and everywhere else without any abilities, so be wary. When chased, try to fit in gaps where the predator cannot, or wait the predator out in a hiding hole. Avoid the mud at all costs, as both Rabbits, Chickens and Pigs travel faster than mice there. Yet another strategy is to go to a beehive with a tier 7 animal or higher also eating from it. After they feast on the bees, you can eat the honeycombs they leave behind.



  • The mouse has been in the game since it first released.
  • Before a previous update, the text that appeared when you first spawned originally read: "A little mouse... Drink Water, eat berries to grow!"
    • (Old) Biting a Mouse who actually upgraded from Dragon/Kraken (see above) will give 10K XP.
  • The mouse's appearance was changed 3 times.
  • The mouse has the smallest FoV.
  • It's one of only 7 animals that don't have a tail (Mouse, Pigeon, Shrimp, Trout, Rabbit, Arctic Hare, Chipmunk, Desert Chipmunk, Desert Rat, and Crab/refers to tails that can be bitten).
    • This is despite the fact that mice have tails in real life and the image shows a tail.
  • When the game is loading, the mouse will appear. At the top will be a message:"connecting", and the mouse will spin around.
  • Mouse meat gives 100-300 XP when mouse is at the maximum 50 XP.
  • The original mouse upgrade was 60 XP.
  • The mouse used to have the same sprinting ability as the Shrimp and Desert Rat when damaged, but it was removed.
  • The mouse has always stayed at tier one, but it has evolved into two different things:
    • From nothing to Fox.
    • From nothing to Rabbit.
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