The icon of the mobile app. Mobile is a version of that allows you to conveniently play the game on a mobile device, either on the App Store or Google Play. While most aspects of, such as animals, biomes, etc. are unaffected on mobile mode, there are some slightly different controls on it.



  • Download it by typing "" in the app store or playstore or just clicking the iOS and Android buttons on the main game!
  • The mobile is the exact same version of the game, with a few slightly different technical features.
  • It typically requires 4 megabytes of space. However, this may vary depending on your device type.


  • There is a button for S, so that you can easily spit water without having to double-tap to access your keyboard.
  • Next to the S button there is also a Chat button. By clicking it, a text box will appear and you can type in it.
  • There is a Run bar on the bottom left corner, which will allow you to boost and has the same effect as pressing the space bar on a computer.
  • W is next to the boost bar, and activates your animal's special ability by tapping it.
    • In order to control the direction your animal moves in, you must hold your finger on the screen to steer it wherever you want. An arrow will appear to wherever your animal is moving.

Inaccessible features

Accounts and the Beta game mode are not accessible while on mobile.



In the reviews of Mobile, most reviewers found common faults in frequent disconnections that occurred whilst playing. Most reviewers[1] praised the general concept of, with the average rating being 3.5. However, they lowered their review quality due to lag interrupting them mid-game, and causing it to be unplayable and extremely frustrating to lose a lot of XP. Clickstan responded to this by stating that Addicting Games will fix these bugs, and add extra features to Mobile such as accounts, quests, etc.[2]


  • There is so many copies of the mobile version on google play
  • There used to be Up and Down buttons next to the Chat button in Sandbox mode.


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