is a survival-of-the-fittest type .io game, where you can play as an animal to evolve overtime, and make your way up the food-chain by consuming certain types of food, or other players. Various biomes, with each having their own unique terrain, aid the levelling-up process, but can affect different animals in different ways. Abilities and gameplay effects further pose a challenge to different species. was initially launched on October 7, 2016, under the ownership of Stan Tatarnykov. It was acquired by on September 12, 2020. In that time, there have been many changes to the developer team.

General Information

When you click the Play button on the Home Screen, an upgrade menu will appear, presenting multiple different choices of animals to choose. Whichever box you click on, you will become that animal. While playing as an animal, you can eat food to level up. As an animal, the main goal is to progress on to the next tier. This levelling up process is aided by using the surrounding environment of flora and fauna. Eating food is not a necessity in order to survive, however, all animals must frequently drink water or lava (differs for some animals) to maintain life. There is a bar at the bottom of each player's screen that records how much water or lava that player has. If it becomes completely empty, the player's animal will begin to lose health in brief intervals. Fortunately, spots containing water are a regular appearance; less so for lava, as they can only be found at the Volcano and in the Desert.

Animals have the option to peacefully graze food, eat prey to gain their XP points, or a combination of both; all playable animals are omnivores. In, there are also different biomes that offer a range of varying landscapes that have their own distinct terrain, food and more, all of which contribute differently to progressing on to the next tier. Each animal, when selected on the upgrade menu, will initially spawn in a particular biome. For instance, at tier 1, the Mouse will spawn in the Land biome, the Shrimp in the Ocean biome, etc. The biome that each individual animal spawns in is their most easily adaptible habitat, and straying outside of it will cause most animals will be disadvantaged in other biomes, either being physically slowed down, or by losing health.


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All biomes displayed on the map in

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Biomes are different areas in which animals are able to level up. As of March 3, 2020, the fives biomes that currently exist are Land, Ocean, Arctic, Desert and TimberLand, respectively. Each biome has its own unique aspects, such as food, certain terrain forms, etc. With the exception of the Ocean, all biomes are based on dry-land, with areas of water being available to fill up on. The location of each biome can be seen on the minimap To put animals at a disadvantage and prevent them from freely wondering from biome-to-biome, debuffs cause side-effects to particular species when entering another biome. For instance, if a Mammoth exits the Arctic biome, it will periodically be burnt for a few seconds and lose some health

Game Modes

Default, as explained above, is also referred to as FFA. However, there used to be game modes; different modes of the game which had slightly modified aspects and distinct features. Since the discontinuation of the Viral Pandemic mode on May 2020, the only game mode currently available for play is Beta, at See this category for a list of game modes, current and old.


  • The default name of an animal is '', but you can change the nickname of your animal to anything you wish, via the Home Screen.
  • You can bite predators' tails.
  • If you are killed by a Special Ability, it will say,”You died! Watch your health” instead of the usual message.
  • If you have been tail-bitten it will say,"Ouch! Your tail got bitten!"
    • If you bite another animal's tail, it will say "Nice, you bit another animal's tail!"
    • If you die from a tailbite, it will say "You died from a tailbite! Watch your tail!"
    • If your tail gets bitten while flying, especially when fighting a Pterodactyl as a Pterodactyl, the message "Outchh!" will appear on the screen.
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