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Mode norm is a survival-of-the-fittest type .io game, where you play as different animals to evolve overtime, and make your way up the food-chain. In order to maintain life, you must drink Water, or Lava in the case of some animals, so as to not die of thirst. Whether your animal is a herbivore or carnivore in real life, animals can eat any food, as long as they are high enough a tier to do so. Predators for your animal will have a red outline, and Prey will have a green outline. Animals that have a blue outline are either too high or too low on the food chain to eat/be eaten by you. However, in-game, prey is not completely defenceless. Most animals have their own Special Abilities, to help survive and level up. These can be used offensively or defensively. Tail-biting is another in-game function where if you bite a predator's 'tail', it will lose some health, and provide you with XP. Since its initial release on October 3rd 2016, there has been many updates since then, worked on with the help of the Dev team.

For more in-depth summaries of each function of, please see the individual articles in this wiki.

Different Modes

Default, as explained above, is also referred to as FFA. However, there used to be game modes; different modes of the game which had slightly modified aspects and distinct features. Since the discontinuation of the Viral Pandemic mode on May 2020, the only game mode currently available for play is Beta, at See this category for a list of game modes, current and old.


  • The default name of an animal is '', but you can nickname the animal you play as anything you wish.
  • You can bite predators' tails.
  • If you are killed by a Special Ability, it will say,”You died! Watch your health” instead of the usual message.
  • If you have been tail-bitten it will say,"Ouch! Your tail got bitten!"
    • If you bite another animal's tail, it will say "Nice, you bit another animal's tail!"
    • If you die from a tailbite, it will say "You died from a tailbite! Watch your tail!"
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