Hold W to dig underground!
Go under anything, do surprise attacks!

The Mole is the third Land animal in Mope.io, and the land equivalent of the Chicken, Crab, Meerkat and Penguin.



They are a dark shade of grey, with a bright pink nose and slightly darker pink paws; on that note, they are also the first animal in the game to have their paws visible.


Dig underground to sneakily move around. You can surprise prey by going underneath a hill/Berry Bush, and popping out to damage them when the time is opportune. Also dig underneath predators; tail-bite them, by emerging right under their tail.

If the opposite happens and you're being chased by a predator, dig underground, all the way to the closest hiding hole. You can dig near mud, but try to avoid it as you will be slow above ground in there, and if you accidentally emerge, Pigs could eat you.

To play safe, farm berries by pressing 'S' onto brown Mushrooms, about 4 times on each. You can also go to a nearby Lake to eat Eggs.

You can also try get a sneaky tail-bite on your opponents. Dig underneath them, and when they're not watching, get a quick tailbite off! If they don't turn around, try it again! Maybe if you're lucky enough you can get a level-up!



  • Prior to the October 27, 2016 update, moles upgraded from Hippo, and were the twelfth and penultimate animal in the game, being able to eat almost all animals below it.
  • It is the only animal to be moved in the upgrade chain, not to go up it. Its tier change is as follows:
  • It is the animal that was moved the most in the upgrade chain.
  • In a past update, moles could bite each other's tail like Dragons or Krakens.
  • It is the only animal that can dig underground.
  • It is the first land animal to have a special ability, the next being Rhino.
  • Prior to January 18, 2017, moles couldn't dive.
  • Prior to the update when all animals could go into water spots when digging in water spots, you dive in them, making them the lowest animal to be able to go on water spots, however when it resurfaces it gets kicked out of it.
  • The mole has the most detailed No Animal Images skin.
  • It cannot be seen in any way when it is under an island.
  • There was a glitch for a few days where the mole was able to zoom underneath the earth in a straight direction as long as it’s ability lasted or until it ran into a water body.
  • In real life, moles are smaller than rabbits.
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