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Welcome to my wall! You can message me about anything you need; I'm an admin so if you see a page that needs protection/deletion, let me know. Also let me know if any vandalisers/rule-breakers are causing trouble. Also also if you are redeemable for a Medal, let me know and I'll add you.

I'm also a bureaucrat, meaning I can promote/demote users. However, don't ask me directly on my wall for a promotion; follow the application policy and message me if I don't see your resume. Also if you think a staff member is abusing power, tell me or indoraptus and we'll look into it.

Most important thing: be patient, and make sure your message doesn't break any of the wiki policies. Give me at least 24-48 hours to respond; I'm very active on this wiki so I should reply right away given time ^-^

I am also sometimes available on the wiki discord, but it's blocked at my school so I won't always be able to see messages there.

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  • sucks becuz I can't get past the dragon the bull**** dinos, fu***ngham scorpions just keep killing me!

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • why did you do it???

    you are very bad!

    Please talk very soon!!


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    Gaia94 closed this thread because:
    Stop spamming; use a single thread if you need to talk to me
    23:00, August 13, 2020
  • You deleted my Page?


    I make for addition to other page because people did no understand what "client.js"

    I also make it with information.

    I alse going to add category and fix mistake but I got problem with spam user

    Please bring back,

    I make it 3 line because enough explain, I no make full wiki in 1 edit, need more user to make big,

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  • Hello,

    I have been adding information to the wiki, and then someone names "soviet" came and removed EVERYTHING

    He is saying that what I wrote is untrue..

    Please help me with him!

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    • I am Wajolan, i get new account because "login system changes"

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    • Okay.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Are the Cheats in and Client-js pages good?

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  • I see that you or someone has had fun with the theme designer, but, just saying, it now is an eyesore and that itself can drive away viewers.

    The background image isn't supposed to be the main focus of the wiki, the content is.

    1. You should probably try disabling tiled for it and see if that works, but right now where they overlap they don't mesh together at all - there's just a line where the lake ends and the ground color
    2. The ground colors are exceptionally bright - a lot brighter than the game's colors - tip: take a screenshot and use a color picker on it and use those hex codes rather than just decking out with max green (#00FF00) or blue (#0000FF) to make it more realistic... right now the background is super flashy, which is very distracting. I don't recommend bright colors (excluding white which is special case considering that a darker white is also known as grey and black)
    3. The text on the background is 1) not needed people already know it's the wiki and 2) a distraction from the text on the article, which should be the main focus on the wiki.

    In a nutshell, I'd recommend going to a much less flashy, simpler, and more professional background like you see on w:c:diepio, w:c:moomooio and w:c:survivio. I run the and wikis, but I'm completely irrelevant on the wiki, so this isn't just me speaking - it's most wikis. If you look at w:c:lotr it's a high-detail image, but it isn't super flashy with extremely bright colors. If you go to w:c:community:WAM, and you look through the most active wikis, none of them have a background like this - super bright (eyesore) + text... and I didn't find one with either of those things at all (although I didn't look through all of them - some did appear to be close to an eyesore but not to this scale).

    This is just a recommendation though, if you choose to ignore it, then it's completely your decision.

    As a side note, I'd consider replacing MediaWiki:Welcome-user's content with "Gaia94" to ensure you send the welcome messages like Thread:28657

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  • YES

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    • TheMythicIndoraptus01 wrote: Andresini, puedes simplemente copiar el codigo fuente de la página de esta wiki y ponerlo en el codigo fuente en la wiki hispana y luego lo traduces manualmente o con traductor de Deepl (es mucho mejor que el traductor de google porque no traduce los textos tan literal)

      Gaia, I leave it to you to put the pictures that are in the changelog board. Please decorate the page as well.

      I don't know whether to change the formatting and aesthetics of the text in the updates or leave it exactly as it is in the changelog (it even has spelling mistakes, but that's exactly how it is in the changelog).

      Can't right now sorry, I will do so in an hour/2.

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    • Ok

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • EVERYTIME hen I try to sign in FANDOM pops out millions of stupid traffic-lights and bridges questions before I can. Can we delete the system?

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  • hi gaia, lecikis is not a normal person he just wants to trick every admin, he hates, he wants to end soviet's project (i think he already did) and he wants to get soviet banned cuz he just hates him he is not a good person 
    , he wanted to get sebas demoted just cuz he didnt agree with him and told lecikis to make a blog instead. He raided soviet's discord which is against ToS , he
     abuses multiple accounts, (check images) he just created one account to insult soviet, he thinks im related to soviet and im helping him but im NOT!
    then he just did some awful edits and wants them to stay when they are useless

    useless edit


    its obvious who this is


    he got banned from community central cuz he vandalized the interIO template!! he must be banned, he insulted you and spammed on very admin message wall.

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    • Ahh I gave a warning to soviet accidentally, now I've to give a warning to Lexis since I saw the history hacke page.

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    • I agree, he acts so inmature

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    • A FANDOM user
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