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Not to be confused with Watermelons, .

The Melon is a food source that was released as part of the Desert update, and spawns in the Desert biome.


  • Melons spawn in the Desert, particularly in quicksand/oasis patches and in bushes.
  • They give around 1K-3K XP, depending on which tier you are.
    • Only animals from Rattlesnake (tier 9) and above can eat Melons.
  • When eaten, Melons give some water.
  • Melons have Health Bars, and can be eaten in three hits (one hit for Black Dragon).

Melon slices were released along with melons, and can be found when a melon receives water.


  • They work similar to watermelon slices - spitting water at the whole ones will cause them to break into slices.
    • It takes five water drops (pressing S about five times) for the melon to explode into slices.
  • Slices give around 600 XP, depending on which tier you are.
  • All animals from Fennec Fox (tier 6) and above can eat them.
  • Melon slices provide a lot more water than the whole melons
  • When a whole melon is watered, at least one, up to four slices appear.


The melon is an orange, round food with brown stripes and a stem on top. Its appearance resembles a muskmelon. The slice has orange flesh and a green line separating the flesh from the rind. The flesh looks rather like that of a rockmelon.



  • Unlike watermelons, melons are a breakable food.
  • Now they can also spawn in Bushes in the Desert.
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