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"Markhor" was previously a removed feature, but has now been re-added to the game. Please don't add any uncomfirmed data or the Lemming will be removed again!

UPGRADED to Markhor!
Press 'W' to Jump High from hills. Ram in the preys on land.

The Markhor is the 12th Arctic animal in, and is the equivalent of the Wolverine, Eagle, Rhino, Shark and Bison.


  • Upgrades from the Crocodile, Lion, Falcon, Octopus, Polar Bear or Vulture at 105K XP.
  • Upgrades to the Hippo, Boa Constrictor, Ostrich, Killer Whale, Sabertooth Tiger or Komodo Dragon at 250K XP.
  • Can only be chosen 100/250 times (you can't always get it as an upgrade/spawn option).
    • Has a rare variant, the Big Goat, which appears 1/25 (4%) times.
  • It has two special abilities; Can jump from Hills/Rocks, and can ram into prey on Land. Ramming ability will cause bleeding, but not slowed movement. It can bite the tails of flying animals when using the jump ability (apparently it counts as a flying animal when using the ability).
    • The Big Goat's ramming ability can be used on any animal between Mouse to Dragon (this includes its tier 12 equivalents).
    • It also has a much faster reload. When used on animals that are tier 16-17, they will not be rammed in-air, but will merely bleed for a few seconds.
      • The ability can't be started up if you're in a water source.
  • Markhor can live outside of the Arctic, and has grip on ice. The Big Goat has these features too, but is additionally capable of living in the Desert without burning periodically.



The Markhor has light gray circle and also head has spiral horns, black ears and gray nose. Its tail is rather fluffy, and it has a grey nose with visible lips underneath the nose. It has a short tail with angry eyes. When using its special ability, the Markhor's face and horns will extend forward

Big Goat

The Big Goat is relatively the same but its fur is more of a khaki brown. Also, its horns are bigger, and curling a lot more. It also has a short tail with angry eyes. When using its special ability, the Big Goat's face and horns will extend forward.

(Old Big Goat looks how Markhor but more brown than Markhor)



Note that you have absolutely no form of stunning prey, therefore you will have to get creative with your hunting methods. One method is to try and throw prey into the borders of the map. There is no delay after your ability preventing you from biting animals, so you can get easy damage on them as well as the ability to possibly corner them. Since you can live outside of the Arctic, you might want to scavenge for prey there, too. You can also try to throw animals into the Arctic for massive damage, but just remember the lack of stun. When being chased by a predator, get on a Hill and then double tap 'W' as far away from you as possible. You will jump extremely far, allowing you to get away. Also, you are considered to be, "flying" when you jump, so if you're confident with yourself, you can try to kill flying birds by jumping into them.

You can also be really nasty, and hog a pond in the arctic. Kill the ducks there by ramming them into the air. The ducks will die in two hits and you will have delicious XP! Take note that you can't use your abilities when in water, so get to a nearby hill to Jump away from predators. You can also circle the arctic and eat Arctic Nuts. When your water supply is low, eat blackberries and pears for easy upgrading. NOTE: Whenever you see prey with low heath coming by, ram them for a free lunch.

When being chased by a Sabertooth, go on a rock, since they can climb hills and use your ability on the rock to jump off in the opposite direction. Mammoths are easy as you can just climb a hill.

You can also tail-bite in two ways. You can ram into them, stunning them and bite them. Or you can jump from a hill while aiming the target at the enemies’s tail.

Big Goat

The Big Goat has the same abilities as regular Markhor, except it can throw all animals, from Chipmunk tier to Yeti. If you are a Big Goat, you can live in the Desert. This gives you an absolutely ridiculous amount of running space. Since Blackwidow Spiders can't pose much of a threat to you, staying in the Desert is recommended. Komodo Dragons are a different story. They can use their ability to stop you charge in its tracks and make you sweat. Also, when you sweat you can't use your ability, and they will easily run you down and kill you. So avoid them. Also, you can throw people against the bottom border, and because you do more damage, it is a great strategy. Especially target Vultures since if they fly away, you can jump into them to damage them, and they give high XP. You are also able to tail-bite flying Pterodactyls by jumping into them, so keep that in mind. Try to team with another Big Goat, and kill an apex tier predator. Target any animal with low health, as you have a higher chance of getting their XP that way. The best time to ram into a predator is after they use their ability. Otherwise, they could stun you and stop you from ramming them.

If you want to go bonkers with your animal, wait near cacti. When a predator comes by, ram it into the cactus trap. The animal would suffer considerable damage and would have a hard time getting out. Go for the finishing shot by knocking cactuses onto it, which can kill it and you will get its meat for yourself.

Keep in mind that Giant Scorpions can climb hills and rocks too, and WILL attempt killing you. Always avoid them as you can't ram them into the air (only cause minor bleeding), and they are faster than you. If you see one coming, grab water and then hide in a hiding hole to wait it out. If the scorpion stings you, go into a hiding hole as fast as you can and wait until its ability stops working. Come out of the hiding hole, go onto a hill, and double tap W. Boom! Instantly, the scorpion will lose its meal and will have to wait for another one. Another way is to use your ability and charge away. but make sure as you go backwards and might bump into the Scorpion. Use your ability and turn around to face the Scorpion. Then when you start charging, quickly manoeuvre yourself to go away. Hard, but possible.

Lastly, be mindful of your water-loss when outside of the Arctic. You'll lose it a lot faster, especially in the Desert. If you are on low water, get to a hill and use your jumping ability to easily and without being damaged, jump to a nearby water source.








  • When the Markhor jumps from a hill or rock, it is considered to be flying. It can bite flying prey, it can be bitten by flying predators (only Pterodactyl right now), it can tail-bite flying predators, and can be tail-bitten by flying prey.
    • The only difference that prevents it from literally flying is the inability to turn mid-jump. Otherwise, it is very much a flying animal. So it is considered semi-flyer.
  • It is currently the only animal that isn't a Species of another animal that doesn't always appear on the upgrade menu.
    • Both variants of Markhor are rare.
  • The original teaser for the Markhor was called 'King of Mountains'. In this teaser, the Markhor had a black nose which was scrapped in the final design.
  • Currently, there is a bug in which the Big Goat will have no chance whatsoever of appearing on the upgrade menu. This is a glitch that will soon be fixed, according to Syed.[1]


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