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The Mango is a food source found in the Desert, and was released as part of the Desert update of April 2019.


  • It is a stationary plant.
  • They typically spawn in the Desert, near and around Venus Fly Traps, but can occasionally spawn elsewhere.
  • Animals from Armadillo (tier 4) and above can eat Mangoes.
  • Gives 182 XP for Armadillo, 300 XP for Gazelle and around 420+ XP for Fennec Fox and above.
  • Provides some water upon consumption.


Mango has an oval-like shape with an orange-yellow color and has a green leaf on top of the fruit.


If you are on a lower tier (i.e. Armadillo to Fennec Fox), you should eat mangoes as they level you up considerably fast. Be aware of Venus Fly Traps, as they will damage you and cause loss of water. Ideally go for mangoes that aren't that near the mouth of the fly trap, but if you're about to level up and can do so by eating the one Mango, by all means go for it.

As you progress higher and higher above the food chain, Mangoes become a trivial food. When you're a high-tier animal, eat them to gain water if you're running low, and also so that the low-water symbol doesn't show. Otherwise, you may be prone to more intense targeting from other animals to prevent you from getting to a water spot.




  • Before the #GoldenAge update, mangoes never gave any water from eating them, but now they give a small amount.
  • Mangoes used to spawn around desert hills.
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