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"Lemming" was previously a removed feature, but has now been re-added to the game. Please don't add any uncomfirmed data or the Lemming will be removed again!

"A little Lemming... (A snow mouse!)"
Not to be confused with the AI Chipmunk, the former AI animal that resided in the Arctic. Or the Chipmunk, current playable tier 1 animal for the Arctic.

The Lemming is an AI Arctic animal, that is the equivalent of the Mouse, Shrimp, Chipmunk and Desert Rat. It was formerly a playable tier 1 entity, but was no longer so after it was re-added on December 25, 2017, and again on December 23, 2019.


  • The Lemming is an AI animal, meaning it is unplayable and self-controlled.
    • Their behaviour is unpredictable; Lemmings mostly wander around randomly with no sense of direction.
  • It gives around 200-500 XP, depending on which tier you are. It can be eaten by all animals within Arctic Hare tier and Reindeer tier.
  • Lemmings spawn in the Arctic by default, but can wander far away from there and into the Land biome or Ocean biome. Hence, it doesn't burn in Land. In rare cases, it can even go as far as the Desert!
  • They can eat all tier 1 foods, and are able to go in any size hiding hole or whirlpool.


The lemming took the form of a light brown circle with a darker tail, some brown fur, and a black nose and eyes.


As a low tier animal, eat lemmings to easily and efficiently level up. Even though Lemmings naturally spawn in the Arctic, they can also be found in the Land biome, near the top area around the Arctic so you don't necessarily have to spawn/upgrade as an Arctic animal to eat them.

When in the Arctic, simply eat one to level up. Lemmings move in a fairly uncoordinated fashion, so catching them should be easy. However, make sure no other low tier animals are around, otherwise they might steal your lemming. In this case, chase them away as a predator, or eat the Lemming as quick as you can if you're prey.

In Land, if your animal moves fast on Mud, chase Lemmings into there as they move very slowly, making them an easy meal. This also works when they're in Lakes or water bodies.

Overall, trapping Lemmings in crevices is probably the most broadly effective strategy when eating them. As you proceed to tiers 4 and 5, your options get wider, but Lemmings are still effective at those tiers and worth going for if they can easily be eaten.






  • It was the second confirmed animal, and the first to be replaced.
  • The Lemming was removed on Januray 1, 2017. However, it came back on December 25, 2017, with it's winter skin showing a little scarf on it saying "I'm Back!".
    • It removed once again on January 26, 2018, but came back again on December 23, 2019 in the #GoldenAge update, along with a new reskin. It replaced the AI chipmunk.
  • It was seen in one of KoA's videos.
  • The Lemming is the second animal to be replaced, then added back in with the 1st to be the Black Dragon.
  • For some reason, it used to randomly slow down while in the arctic. This is probably a glitch.
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