Lava is found at the center of the map in the Volcano. Lava will burn any animal except for the Dragon, Black Dragon, King Dragon, Land Monster, Phoenix, Giant Scorpion Pakistani Toucans, or Lava Toucans. Big Healing Stones occasionally appear surrounded by lava, making low tier animals question themselves about the risk-reward situation.

There is also a Lava Bar, which is currently exclusive to the Black Dragon, King Dragon, Land Monster, Lava Toucan, and the Phoenix. When the Lava Bar reaches 1/4 of its total, it will start reminding the player to go to the Lava Biome to replenish his or her lava supply. If the bar completely depletes, then the Black Dragon loses about 5% of its HP per second. There is a risk of running into a Black Dragon, so you must be wary unless you are an animal that the Black Dragon cannot eat.

The volcano can erupt; at this time no animals can enter the volcano's core, and lava will spew from all directions.



  • It's not actually a biome but instead a type of terrain inside the land biome.
  • There used to be Lava tornadoes that could occur around the lava, but the feature was removed as it made it impossible for Black Dragons to live.
  • Lava and The Deathlake are the only terrains that can harm animals. 
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