Lakes are regions that will automatically fill up your water bar if you stay inside but slow most animals down, similar to mud. Pigs, Crocodiles, Wolverines, Mammoths, Seals, Penguins, Walruses, Polar Bears, Rhinos, and Hippos, Elephants, Dragons, and Black Dragons, are unaffected by the speed reduction from lakes. Lakes are the only place where animals can find and eat lily pads as well as 3 A.I. animals; Ducks, Geese and Ducklings. Mushrooms have an increased spawn rate in lakes. Lakes are surrounded by yellow-brown beaches. One or two small islands generate in lakes, which act like regular dry land, and mushroom bushes have an increased chance of spawning on these islands. Also, Trees and Hills tend to spawn around it.


The air bar. If you let it run out, you automatically rise above the water.

Players can right-click to dive underwater for a certain amount of time. When diving, the water bar is replaced by an air bar, which will slowly run out and when it runs out, you will automatically resurface. Ocean animals air bar runs out significantly slower than those of land animals. Diving allows animals to avoid predators, and also to hide in wait for prey (works especially well for Hippos, who can hold their breath for a massive amount of time). All animals (except for EaglesPhoenixesBlack Dragons, and King Dragons) can dive. Oceans share the same feature.

Poison Lake

The poison lake is simply like the regular lake, except it will poison certain animals overtime. Like the Oasis, water level will rise and fall overtime, with the lake sometimes drying up until there's only a small, non-diveable circle of water. It should be noted that Ducks and such do not spawn as normal in Poison Lakes. Animals that are immune to poison, such as the Giant Spider and Cobra are not affected in any way by the poison. The speed that each animal has is the same as regular lakes. Animals that do not have poison immunity will not be able to dive when the lake is poisonous. The poison lake will be at its poisonous climax when its water color drastically turns to a strong dark green.

Over time, the poison intensity will rise and fall, varying from harmless to almost instantly-killing. The area is surrounded by hills, with typically one opening (sometimes two, depending on the map) out for animals that are not hill-climbing. Poison lakes are key spots for Giant Spiders, Pterodactyls and Golden Eagles to drop in predators/prey, and reap XP from them.

Due to this, you should try avoid being around the poison lake unless you are an animal that can fly, or are immune to Poison or can climb hills.

Poison biome

There was originally planned for there to be a mini biome based on poison, first mentioned around May 2017. It would have four animals that would spawn in it: the Hedgehog (formerly poisonous), Cobra, Boa Constrictor and Giant Spider. It was also hinted to be even more dangerous than the Volcano. However, it is strongly indicated that this scrapped biome was re-made into the Poison lake, due to its many similarities with the brief description given of the biome.



  • Lakes were added in the October 12, 2016 update.
  • Ocean animals can go into lakes.
  • There are 3-4 lakes in land.
  • The lake is now the same color as the ocean.
  • There is a small chance that a lake will spawn half in the ocean, half on the land. These are the only times where plankton bushes, bushes, seaweed, kelp, lake islands, berry bushes and water spots can all be found in the same place.
  • The poison lake feature was added in the March 3 2020 update, along with BigFoot.
    • Poison lake was first announced by KoA on this video on the official YouTube channel.
    • The lake originally didn't do a lot of damage all at once until the March 12, 2020 buff.
      • However, on April 7th 2020, the damage was nerfed more by x2.
  • In the September 23 update, the 3 Poison Animals were added but not the biome.
  • In the November 2nd 2016 update, a poison-like animal was released, but with a different effect.
  • In the December 25, 2017 update, another poison like animal was released.
  • It is unknown why Boa Constrictor is in the poison biome, but doesn’t poison animals.




Giant Spider



Black Cobra



Boa Constrictor

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