UPGRADED to Komodo Dragon!
Komodo Dragon have very poisonous bite. Press W to bite! Also eat bones.

Komodo Dragon is the thirteenth Desert animal in, and is the equivalent of the Hippo, Boa Constrictor, Ostrich, Killer Whale, and the Sabertooth Tiger.



The Komodo Dragon is a khaki brown circle with some sort of wrinkles on its head. It has a round nose and its tail is an entirely different file from the Komodo Dragon itself.


You can eat a Cactus to level up. However, since the Golden Age update, your ability cannot damage them. Eat Aloevera leaves or healing stones to restore your health so you can eat another Cactus. Be aware of the water you will waste whilst eating. If your water runs out, dash to a water puddle, eat Melons or Watermelons, or go to a healing stone.

Try to kill Bison or other prey that is stuck between cacti or are low on HP. Using your ability on them can really help. They be dragged around and would sweat rapidly later, be unable to boost or use their special ability, so you should always try to use your ability on them. If you get the chance to do so, pursue them until they run out of water. Using your ability on them should guarantee a very high success rate. If you see a Bison charging towards you, try to press W before it can gore you. If the timing is right, they should still be affected by it. However It's not recommended to go after gangs of Bison as you don't stand a chance if multiple Bison gore you.

If a Blackwidow Spider is chasing you, use your ability to make them dash away to an oasis. If they still chase you, go to a Hiding Hole. If a Pterodactyl is in the air, go to a hiding hole or go to a water spot in the desert and dive. It's not recommended to try and combat predators, as the Komodo Dragon has very little defense and can't climb hills or rocks. Your main worry is the Blackwidow, since it can also cause you to sweat with its 'Spin Web' ability. However, if you see a Blackwidow Spider in the desert with low water, you should use your power on it to try drain its water faster and potentially kill it.

If a T-REX is chasing you, go into a hiding hole and wait for it to use its ablilty. Then, pop out of the hole and use your ability on it before hiding again. This will deter the Rex from killing you. Komodo Dragons can climb trees as well. If you go to the Land biome for whatever reason, use this ability to your advantage to evade predators such as Elephants or T-Rexes.

If you see a Phoenix in the desert far away from a lava puddle or a healing stone, sweat-bite it! If you're lucky, it may lose a lot of lava, run into another apex predator and potentially become Meat for you to eat.

You can also farm melons in the oasis, if you don't want to get hurt while eating a cactus. They give a fair amount of xp and if any prey come, sweat them and eat them. If any predators come, dive under the oasis and while you're underwater, move very close to the edge of the oasis. The predator will most likely follow you. Quickly press W and sweat them, then run around them quickly, wait for your dive/sweat ability to charge, and then repeat.

The Komodo Dragon has a special feature that was never mentioned in the Changelog, the sweat puddle. It begins with a small, innocent, blue drop (which appears to be a water drop) that grows over time into a moderate-sized puddle that can be used for both defensive and offensive tactics. In order to make a sweat puddle, you must simply stand still and wait, the animation of the Komodo Dragon will make you start to lick your nose and the darker your nose gets, the closer you are to generating a small drop of sweat. You can step back from the spot momentarily to make sure you've already generated it, and as soon as you do, stay on top of the little drop until it turns into a little puddle, now harmful to any animal that lands on it. But that's not all, you can make the puddle grow even bigger if you keep standing on it, increasing its sweat effect and range. It has in total from 4 or 5 (not sure) states of size counting the small drop at first before it starts to dry up and disappear. All the animals that land on it (except the Komodo Dragons), will suffer a sweat effect, so you can use this puddle to hunt pretending to be AFK and as soon as some prey approaches, you move away a little, making it step on the sweat puddle and end up with a sweat effect and you can eat it. In case of a predator, you can simply stay on the opposite side of the predator while the sweat pool is in the middle of both of you, so if the predator is going to chase you, it will have to go through the sweat puddle and suffer the sweat effect that will slow it down and give you time to escape.

Komodos have a large tail. Beware lower tiers that will definitely attempt to tail-bite you! Gazelles will most likely use their leaping to do an aerial tailbite you, so when they do so, sweat-bite them. This immediately stops their ability, and they will have to flee. If you're feeling particularly annoyed by the Gazelle, chase after them and eat them. Another couple of pesky tail-biters to watch for are Fennec Foxes and Warthogs. Fennec Foxes will most likely hide in a hiding hole, and leap out to bite you when they can. They don't have any abilities to help them bite you, but watch your tail when near them regardless. As for Warthogs, they can charge and bite your tail within a few seconds. When in sight of a Warthog, don't stop focusing on it unless being chased by a predator. When it charges and says "GRRUNT!", pivot around to face it and thereby block its path.

There is also currently a glitch if you climb a tree, it appears as if you are still under it. So you can be a huge troll and lead predators (it works best on Elephants and T-Rexes!), and they will try to use their ability, but can't. Also be aware of your own water while you're in the tree, as if you're stalling the tree for a while, water issues could potentially become a problem. If you're nervous about losing too much water, fill up on water near a tree and then begin your fun.






  • The Komodo Dragon is the only animal that has a body sprite separate from a tail sprite.
  • If you look very closely at the Komodo Dragon’s nose, you will see that it gets darker, and lighter the more you need water. At full darkness, your eyes will also squint slightly.
  • The Komodo Dragon is one of the only animals with a little animation, and only the Phoenix, Rattlesnake, Cobra, and Boa Constrictor have a similar animation when it's not a flying animation.
  • When the Komodo Dragon climbs trees, for some reason it does not fully show in the tree and looks as though it is still on ground level. Whether this is a glitch or not is currently unknown.
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