UPGRADED to King Dragon!
You got firestreams that burns your victim alive! Watch your tail and slap them hard!
Not to be confused with the Black Dragon, the previous/variant of the King Dragon that comes before it, and has a contrasting appearance.

The King Dragon is a tier 17 Lava/Land animal, and the equivalent of the Black Dragon.


  • Upgrades from the Black Dragon by killing one each of the following animals; Dragon, T-REX, Kraken, King Crab, Phoenix, Yeti, Pterodactyl, Land Monster, Ice Monster, Dino Monster, Sea Monster , Giant Scorpion and Black Dragon.
    • It can also be an upgrade option at 10M XP instead of the Black Dragon. However, the chances of this are slim; only a mere 1/1000.
    • The King Dragon is the only non XP-based animal so far.
  • It is the last animal you can get in [[Mope.io].
  • It has an ability to shoot many flames (Firestream ability) that are a lot more powerful combined. That ability has a cooldown of 1 second.
  • King Dragon can use a 'tail slap', which will kill most apex-tier and below animals in a close enough radius of 10 berry bushes, and greatly damage animals that aren't close enough. (Takes away 3/4 of their health)
    • The tail slap will not immediately kill Monsters and Black Dragons. It should take about 3 or 4 slaps to kill a BD, and 2 or 3 to kill a monster (in close range).
    • The slap one-shots every single animal which is Tier 1-15
    • The tail slap used to do more damage if it was a headshot (They still might).
  • It has the most skins out of all animals in the Shop. However, the skins have no extra powerup that the normal King Dragon doesn't (they aren't a species of the king dragon).


The King Dragon has quite a resemblance to Black Dragon, except it's wings are wider and flap slightly, a darker shade, the eyes and noses are red, and the body is rimmed with spikes, and the tail has a bone on it. As it loses Lava, the King Dragon will turn darker shades of black, and will be completely black when at almost no lava (the colur change is different, depending on which skin you're using).


Getting to King Dragon

Unfortunately, the only strategies you can take are attempting to level up from Black Dragon, or get lucky with a 1/1000 chance of getting a King Dragon since you will automatically 1v1 any other King Dragons in the server. From there it is a battle of skill. Another strategy (based on luck) is to team with a BD until they have nearly all apexes, then kill them. There are three main strategies to get all your apexes (you can use a combination):
Teaming (King Dragon's addition encouraged teaming as it is really hard to get without it)

  • This strategy is relatively hard (you need enough teammates) but quite a bit easier than 1v1ing and nothing compared to Solo Hunting.
  • Basically what you do is team with people who are the apexes you need and ask them to let them kill you. You can't do this with every single apex (there isn't gonna be one of every apex willing to die for your KD, and if you kill an apex that you've killed in the last 30 mins it won't count) so the player will have to combine this with the next strategies.
  • You can also use Pterodactyls, Golden Eagles, and Pakistan Vultures to grab the apexes you need and bring them to you, or use something like a Dino Monster to chase/knock an apex in your direction for you to kill.
  • Also, if you kill another Black Dragon, you get all his/her apexes, so try to kill one that's killed a lot of apexes. This is more of an ideal strategy for if you are very skilled at 1v1.
  • After achieving King Dragon, the player will probably be expected to provide compensation for any other players that helped, which would assumably be in the form of tail-biting. Be wary of XP.


  • This strategy is much harder than Teaming, but easier than Solo Hunting.
  • It should only be attempted if the player is extremely skilled at 1v1. There is no way to tell whether anyone could easily kill the player, but
  • The aim is to beat each of the apexes you need in a 1v1 fight in one go. 1v1 a Black Dragon who has a lot of apexes (the more XP they have, the more apexes they most likely would have killed), but beware that those that have the most apexes are the best.
  • For 1v1 tips go here.
  • You can go to an apex's biome to 1v1 it, or you can have a teammate bring one to you. Most biomes are relatively safe in terms of lava bar preservation, but bear in mind that the Black Dragon is subject to debuff in the Arctic.


  • This is the hardest strategy, as you have to go into an apex's respective biome to have more chances to find one.

Playing as King Dragon

If you get a King Dragon, congratulations! It is the highest level/maximum achievement in Mope.io. There's nothing really you need to do to progress, except be careful around animals that could potentially kill you in large numbers (e.g. T-Rexes, Dino Monsters or Ice Monsters). King Dragons now do take damage if they have no lava; be cautious of this. Another thing to be extremely careful of is downgrading. Unlike the Black Dragon, if a King Dragon is downgraded and has less than 10M XP, it will be downgraded to the Mouse rather than whatever monster is equivalent to the biome it's in. Additionally, when you die, you respawn at Mouse tier. So make sure you try to bypass the 10M XP mark or so, by killing lots of animals. Other than that, have fun trying to dominate the whole server!

If someone tries to tailbite you, don't bother. Just react quickly. Quickly press S and slap them away. They'll be dead in an instant and you'll be plentiful in XP.

Against a King Dragon

This animal is the hardest one to kill in Mope.io. It can one-shot kill nearly all animals with the powerful tail-slap, and extremely weaken animals with its fire-stream. When going against one, use at least an apex tier or an OP rare if you really want a tailbite, otherwise, it’s best to run. Your only equal chance against a King Dragon is in the 1v1 arena but even here, the KD will likely be good at 1v1, if you can get them to accept, which is unlikely.

Since the #GoldenAge update of December 2019, King Dragons can die of lava loss. If you can manage to lure one far out into the Ocean, Arctic or Desert, lead them as far away from Healing Stones as you can. King Dragons do exceptionally well in the Desert biome, so the best way of escaping them is to flee to the Arctic. As this is the one biome KD's take freezing damage from (and due to quicker lava loss), it may be reluctant to stray too far in.

If you manage to get together a team of T-Rexes, Dino Monsters or Ice Monsters (even a combination of each aforementioned animal), or team of toucans theoretically you would have a chance of killing a King Dragon. When attempting to kill one with sheer force, be passive-agrgessive. Stay a safe distance away, otherwise the King Dragon will easily annihilate any animal. Appropriately, Dino Monsters should try tossing King Dragons far away from the lava; T-Rexes should drag them around whilst they are distracted, and Ice Monsters should do the same.

King Dragons will probably try trick you into being killed by them, so be aware of that. They may say: "Kill me" or "Bite my tail." Then, if you try to bite their tail, they will slap you hard and severely damage you, instantly killing if you're Apex tier or below. Because of this, always avoid being in the radius of a King Dragon's tail unless they are distracted with something else.



  • It is the only animal to receive more than two skins when the Golden Age update was released
  • The no longer upcoming Red King Dragon (rumored as the Great Red) is the 3rd skin made by a non official artist that got added into the game, it is also the first unofficial KD skin to be announced. It was created by Feesh and posted on Reddit.
    • KOA edited the ’Great Red’ and changed the wings, eyes, and body design and renamed it ‘Queen Scarlet’. This skin costs 30K coins.
  • By vote from the community, it is the most OP animal in mope.io at the moment.
  • The first person to get it (without Developer Mode) was former MopeTuber ProZ CrayZ.
  • The fastest solo King Dragon run was performed by the former MopeTuber Dreamer with getting from mouse to King Dragon just in 6 minutes and 58 seconds (video: https://youtu.be/729ea_1FtKY)
  • Queen Scarlet is the first KD skin to ever get a reskin.
  • In an old teaser, KOA showed that there was going to be a Tail Slap ability for Black Dragon pressing E and if you were in the water the slap would make a wave. This ability never was released. However, this scrapped ability was added to the KD.
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