This is a Beta Feature only accessable at, and has not been released into the main game. If/When it gets released into the main game, remove this template.

Kangaroo Rat is an upcoming animal to the Desert Biome, Revealed By K.o.A! It is now confirmed by K.o.A and will be part of the January Desert update.

It will be equivalent to the Mouse, Shrimp, Chipmunk and Chicken.

The skin was made by Sam.ple aka DaRealPhoneix

Based on:

Dipodomys Macropus is a species of rat  native in North America.

They got their name Macropus (Latin of Kangaroo) because their hopping is similar to a kangaroo. but it doesn't act fully like a kangaroo does, they can't knock the predator with their legs and they aren't herbivore.

Kangaroo's design might be based on another species of Kangaroo Rat: Ord's kangaroo rat.


The Kangaroo Rat:


The animal is like the mouse, with two pink ears, a light brown skin, a darker brown around the ears, and a pink nose. It also has a furry strip of an even lighter brown on the tip of its tail.



  • The first animal of the desert.
  • Is the same skin as the mouse, except it is colored differently. As skin color.
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