A slowly-turning animal that can grow quite large!

The Jellyfish is the sixth Ocean animal in Mope.io, and is the equivalent of the Fox, Hedgehog, Peacock, Arctic Fox and Fennec Fox.


  • Upgrades from the Deer, Squid, Flamingo, Reindeer or Gazelle at 2.1K XP.
  • Upgrade to the Zebra, Turtle, Muskox, Donkey or Warthog at 4.2K XP.
  • The Jellyfish be eaten by all animals above it up to Kraken/King Crab tier.
  • Will sting any animal that bumps into its back, causing little damage and taking a very small part of the enemy's XP. It only works on prey, certain A.I. animals and tier 6 equivalents.
    • If you get damaged by a jellyfish this way, it will say "You've been stung by a jellyfish!"
  • At full growth capacity, it can grow into the size of at least a Shark.


The Jellyfish is light pink, with large, beady black eyes and six pink tentacles. It has nine magenta dots, too, giving it a unique appearance when compared to the plainer Kraken.

The Jellyfish can grow enormous (compared to its starting size) and is able to sting animals (both predator and prey) when they try to attack from behind. Once an animal comes in contact with this animal's dangerous tentacles, they will be momentarily stung, both immobilizing them and giving extra XP to the Jellyfish.


As a Jellyfish, it's best not to chase people because of its slow turn speed. Also, avoid small crevices because of its rapid growth. There is one exception though, that is slow land animals in the ocean. They make an easy meal.

Avoid Turtles and Stingrays, since you have a short diving time. When being chased, quickly stuff some Kelp into your animal's mouth and upgrade within seconds! Since kelp gives a lot of XP, you should just eat kelp and you will level up quickly (only 4-5 is needed to level up). Also, if you get to a Turtle, the strategy is the same. You can also go to one of the rivers and farm red mushrooms. They are just as good as normal kelp, but probably aren't worth the extra effort searching for.

In the rare scenario that any form of prey bites your tail, it will be stung by your tentacles! A slither of health will be taken, as well as stunning being caused. Use the opportunity to damage and eat the tail-biter. It is very hard to bite a Jellyfish's tail, but at least it has a defense!



  • The jellyfish is technically the only low-class animal that can become about as large as a shark.
    • But the rare Stinky Pig can grow bigger than a King Crab
  • It is the only animal to gain XP when tail-bitten.
  • The original jellyfish is pink, but in the winter skin, it's greenish somehow.
  • It resembles the Jellyfish from the children's cartoon SpongeBob SquarePants.
  • Pike once said on the Subreddit that the Jellyfish's tentacles are actually the Mouse's tail.
  • Unlike in real life, jellyfish have eyes.
  • Jellyfish are immune to other stings. This trait is shared with the Kraken.
  • Prior to May 13 2017, the Jellyfish could sting Black Dragons, allowing Jellyfish to kill Black Dragons in one fell swoop. Due to severe imbalance as a tier 6 animal, the Jellyfish's tentacle stun now only has effect on prey.
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