Not to be confused with Sandhils, a similar structure that spawns in the Ocean biome.

Islands are yellow land masses that spawns in lakes. They were originally added on December 2016.


  • They spawn within Lakes; two islands can be found there.
  • Ducks will lay eggs on islands, as they cannot lay them anywhere else.
  • Mushrooms, Red mushrooms, Pears and Mushroom Bushes will spawn on islands also.
  • Unlike the similarly looking Sandhill, any animal can move around on them, animals cannot dive underneath them and movement consistency and texture doesn't change.


Islands are yellow, circular structures. They have a dark yellow border, and lighter yellow colors inside that border. Overall, it somewhat looks like a pancake or a sun.



  • It looks very similar to Sandhills in the ocean. However, sandhills replaced Islands. When the Ocean biome was first added, Islands spawned in it, but they were replaced with Sandhills and are now exclusive to lakes.
    • In the Lake, it is actually a piece of land, rather than something to climb, which means that any animal can go on it. However, in the ocean, the island is actually a hill/rock. So, only animals that climb hills and rocks can go on an island.
  • Before the #GoldenAge update, if animals were diving in a lake, they would still be diving if they moved onto an island.
  • Octopus used to be able to disguise as it, but now disguises as a Sandhill instead.
  • Mole can camoflauge while digging on the island

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