Ice is a terrain in, that is found in the Arctic biome.



Ice is a large blue circle, with various terrain and entities on it. It is in the same shape as mud patches, lakes and quicksand; a slightly lopsided circle with overlapping ice on the border.


If your animal has good grip on ice, use it to easily eat and kill any prey that is stuck on there. Ice has no direct uses; the food that spawns there is normally mediocre and ice istelf won't benefit you. However, using ice to build up speed is also a good idea. Cheetahs and Snow Leopards can go shooting across at great speeds when using their boost ability; any speed-related ability can help you make a quick getaway/chase if needed.



  • Ice was added on the December 28 2016 update.
  • It is the Arctic equivalent of mud except it doesn't slows and instead hard to turn.
  • One time KoA made multiple ice patches move from the Arctic into the Land biome, so that land animals were able to slide on it all the way to the desert, as seen in one of Fortish's videos.[1]


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