Honeycomb is a feature that was added into Mope.io, along with Honey Bees and Beehives.


  • When a Beehive is touched by any animal, a honeycomb will appear.
  • If a Honey Bee dies, up to three honeycombs will spawn in its place. However, sometimes none will appear.
  • Honeycomb has a Health Bar, and can be eaten in three hits (only one for the Black Dragon and King Dragon).
  • Any animal is able to eat Honeycomb, except for Honey Bees.
  • They give at least 20 XP, and up to around 300 XP depending on which tier you are.


It takes the appearance of honey combs in cartoon, a group of 5 yellow hexagons filled with orange-yellow honey.



  • The Honeycomb is the one of the only food that cannot be eaten in one hit, which spawns off of another food which cannot be eaten in one hit.
    • This makes the Honeycomb the only food that spawns only from another food.
  • It's the only food that can be eaten by all animals in Mope.io, along with Plankton and Aloevera leaves.
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