The Honey Bee is an A.I. animal, meaning it is unplayable. They spawn in Beehives, and are equivalent to the Fox, Hedgehog, Peacock, Jellyfish, Fennec Fox and Arctic Fox.


  • Spawns out of Beehive when the Hive is touched.
  • Attacks when somebody touches the hive or when attacked.
    • Bees can sting all animals except Frogs.
  • Turns around and lunge backwards when going to sting someone.
  • Bees are technically equivalent to tier 6 animals. However, they cannot eat any animals below this tier.
  • Like the Dragon, bees can fly over everything. However, their flight is slower when above hills and rocks.
  • Unlike in real life, bees can sting animals multiple times. They gradually lose a little bit of health after having stung an animal.
  • Once they are satisfied, bees will return to their beehive after they finish attacking animals that disturb the beehive. They generally stop after a few minutes if the attacking animal is not dead/upgraded.
    • If an animal eats the beehive, bees will not recognise it to no longer exist, and they will all go to one spot where the Beehive used to be.
    • When the Beehive is touched, more bees will come out if it is a lower tier animal.
    • In the latest update, bees will go into players that attack the beehive.
    • If the beehive is touched, Honey Bees will stop attacking a player once they level up.
  • Bees can eat most food sources except for Clams, Aloevera, Conch shells, Cacti, Coconuts and Bananas.


The Honey Bee is currently the only insect. It is yellow with black stripes, and a stinger at the tail. It has two large eyes that protrude slightly from the head, and cream-colored wings. It has small jaws. When it goes to sting someone, they extend their stingers and charge backwards at the animal.


Despite how Honey Bees aren't playable, they can easily be manipulated. For example, if there is a beehive close to or over water, an animal with a high breath time (e.g. Crocodile) can dive under the hive and can cause tons of bees to spawn and try to sting the diving animal. This can be used to kill a high level animal such as an Elephant or Dragon (Black Dragons do not take damage though), so when the predator is at low health, you can steal the kill. Likewise, if you are at Bear tier animal almost ready to level up, you could find a hive, get enough food to level up, and use your 15 seconds before you level up to spawn a lot of bees, and then you can level up to Falcon, fly away and have them attack somebody. However, stay cautious, as they can easily kill you if you are not cautious. Because being stung also makes you move very slow, a predator could also fight their way through the bees and eat you. Also, if you get stung, other bees will attack you and you can't use your ability to defend yourself.

If you are an Elephant or Blue Whale, you can easily use bees to level up quickly. Bite a beehive once, and attack the bees that come out with your ability. The Bees will die in one hit. As Elephant, try to find a water source so that you can dive while the bees come out, then when the timing is right, use your ability to kill bees. The same applies for Blue Whale. Keep doing this and you should get to Apex tier in no time. If a small animal like a Pig, or animals from tiers 1-5 touches the hive, a massive amount of bees will spawn, so kill all of them in one hit. Try to push low tier animals into the hive so that the bees will be distracted by the other animal, then kill them.

If you are a Giant Spider, to get fun XP, you should place webs over the Beehive, and attack the hive. When the bees come out of the hive, they will be webbed. Then you can eat the bees and get fun XP. You can also use this strategy to eat the Honeycombs easily.



  • This and the Frog are the only two AI animals with a unique effect.
  • It is the only animal that spawns out of a terrain.
  • The Honey Bee is among two AI Animals that chase players(the other being the Goose.)
  • It’s the only animal that cannot be redirected with Custom Redirects or Resource Override
  • Despite being an insect, it is not targeted by the Venus Fly Trap.
  • Be warned when dealing with them. If you annoy the hive enough, and enough honeybees come out, they will literally sting and tailbite you to death! However, if you are a Blue Whale or Elephant, just knock them with your ability and they will all die in a split second!
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