UPGRADED to Hippo!
Hippos are great swimmers, dominate the Lakes/Oceans/Mud!

The Hippo is the thirteenth animal in Mope.io, and is the land equivalent of the Killer Whale and Sabertooth Tiger.


  • Upgrades from the Rhino, Shark, or Wolverine at 250K XP.
  • Upgrades to the Elephant, Blue Whale or Mammoth at 500K XP.
  • The Hippo had 3 looks: original (brown), classic (purple), and new (darker shade of purple, with high-definition features).
  • Groan ability; will stun any animal for about 3 seconds. The Hippo using the ability will say either "GROAN!", "GROOAAN!" or "Grrroooooan!"
    • It's ability can randomly be larger than usual.
  • The Hippo can go fast on mud, water, can dive in both, and its speed is as per usual when on the River.


The Hippo's body is a dark shade of purple, almost purple-gray. It has large eyes, and two medium-sized ears that are lighter than the rest of its body. The Hippo's tail is triangular, and its head is in the shape of a peanut, with two small nostrils near the mouth.


Hippos are great swimmers with long dive times, as the upgrading message suggests. Use it to your advantage for killing prey and escaping from predators.

The most productive strategy is to try going around the map, killing prey. Since Hippos are well adapted to most environments and terrains, you can easily keep up with most of your major prey. Especially go for Rhinos, Eagles, and Crocodiles. To deal with the latter two, chase them to a lake or river, and you are a lot faster than they are. Rhinos are a little harder than Eagles due to their ability, meaning they can easily charge ahead and become faster. Crocodiles are a little easier - their capabilities are mostly similar to your own, except they are slower than Hippos in the ocean. If the crocodile is a big size, chase it to a dead end in hills and rocks. If it is smaller and you are big, they may use the same strategy as you and you could not really do anything about it.

Go to the ocean. You are at a very high spot in the food chain. Go in a whirlpool and surprise sharks when they are near whirlpools. Come out, use your ability, and kill it. Your ability stuns for a very long time so you can probably kill it. If not, chase it down as Sharks give you tremendous experience. The same apply to other prey, especially Octopus and Swordfish. Blue Whales should not be a danger in the ocean, as they are nerfed greatly. However, Krakens are a total different story. When you see one, if there is land, run towards it because krakens cannot get you or run away and dive. If you are trapped in the Kraken's ability, spam the W until you can use your ability or dive, or you will be eaten.

If you are being chased by an Elephant, Cassowary, T-REX, Yeti, Phoenix or any general Land-dwelling predator, go into a river and go against the river's current (Hippos are immune to river currents but your respective predator gets pushed) and you can escape easily. The alternative is to dive down and wait them out, as you have a tremendous dive time. If they do not budge, go look for a huge hiding hole or a whirlpool. If you're near the shoreline, instead head deep into the ocean, where all the predators listed above are slower, and have inferior movement speed in the ocean.

A safe and fruitful way to farm your way up to Elephant tier is by eating Honey Bees. Since the latest update, Honey Bees have become a lot easier to farm since they try to go towards you. Beware of Elephants if attempting this method - they are more accustomed to eating Honey Bees and could potentially eat you as well. However, the contrary also applies. If you see prey such as Eagles, Rhinos or Crocodiles farming Bees, try to kill them as well.



  • It is the only animal that its old skin is a different colour than the new one (first being brown then purple).
  • It used to have Shark as its ocean counterpart but this was changed to a Killer Whale after the December 7th 2016 update.
  • It is the only purple animal in the game so far.
  • It has evolved from and to different land animals over time:
  • The Hippo's mouth now moves when it uses its special ability, post-Golden Age update.
    • There is a glitch that randomly occurs; when you use your ability, the Hippo's face can sometimes get stuck with its mouth open. A similar phenomenon also can occur with the Tiger's lunge ability.
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