Hills are dark green mounds that block most animals from passing through. In the Arctic, they have a grayish hue. The only animals that can climb over hills are the Gorilla, all the Bears, Seal, Walrus, Dragon, Crab, Turtle, Sabertooth Tiger, Black Dragon 

You can dive under hills when you are in Lakes and Oceans, but any animal that goes over these hills are unable to dive under them and will end up resurfacing on them if they go on them whilst diving. When they are in the ocean, they are yellow, (go to the sandhill) while in the Arctic they have a more grayish hue.


Sandhills are yellowish mounds, has the same mechanics like the normal hill, but more rare.


  • There is another graphic of hills in the files of the game
  • In each biome, the Hill looks different. The ocean is the most obvious difference, being yellow.
  • The ocean version of hills are called sandhills
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