Hills are dark green mounds that block most animals from passing through. The only animals that can climb over hills are the Gorilla, all the Bears, Seal, Walrus, Dragon, Crab, Turtle, Sabertooth Tiger, Black Dragon 

Not to be confused with Islands, a similar structure that spawns in Lakes.
Sandhills are yellowish mounds, has the same mechanics like the normal hill, but only spawn in the Ocean and Desert. They are the same as regular Hills.

Arctic Hills are like Sandhills, except they only spawn in the Arctic biome, and have a grayish hue. Aside from that, they have the same mechanic as other hills.


  • Only certain animals are able to climb on hills.
  • When on a hill, your FoV will increase.
  • In water, you can dive under hills. When you emerge, you'll do so on top of the hill if your animal can climb them. If not, your animal will emerge next to the bottom of the hill.
    • If an animal is diving in mud, it cannot go underneath hills. If it does so, it will stop diving.
  • When on a hill, animals that are on ground-level will not be able to affect you with their Special Ability, with the exception of the Elephant.
  • Certain Low Tier Animals move slowly on hills such as the Seal and Chicken.


The appearance of them varies. All types of hills are simply circles. Sandhills are yellow, regular hills are green and arctic hills are white.



  • There is another graphic of hills in the game files.[1].
  • In most biomes, hills look different. However, the Arctic used to have the default green-colored hills upon its initial release.


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