The Health Bar. Don't let it get empty, or else you will die!

The Health Bar is a feature in that allows players to see how much health their animal has.


  • When an animal is at full health, its health bar will be invisible. It appears when health is lost.
  • Health can be lost when a predator bites you, or when tail-bitten by prey. It may also happen from special effects too.
  • High Tier Animals generally have a higher health bar than Low Tier Animals.
  • If your health runs out a message pop up saying: "Oh no! You were eaten!" watch out for red-circled players! Or "Oh no, you died! Watch out for your health!"
  • When a player's health bar is completely reduced to nothing, their animal will die.
  • All animals have a health bar of 10hp. Rare's have sometimes 2x or 3x a regular animals HP, but some have a lot less.


Health Bars are long, horizontal bars that show up above each animal if they are not on full health. When an animal is at full health, bars will disappear.


  • Health Bars were added in October 17, 2016 update.
  • The King Dragon has the most health in its health bar, while the Blue Macaw had the second highest health before the #GoldenAge update.
  • Rare Animals have more health than their non-rare Skin Differences.
  • When health bars were low, they used to turn red instead of green, around January 2018.
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