Not to be confused with Team Stones, a type of healing stone that has some extra features, and is only found in Team Mode.

Healing Stones are structures in that spawn in all biomes


  • When touching a Healing Stone, you will heal; Health Bar increases.
  • When touching, your supply of water, lava or energy will increase rapidly, and they also give you some XP.
  • Healing Stones spawn in all biomes. They don't spawn in any given location in biomes, and are uncommon.
  • They have health Bars, which will decrease as the stones are used by animals. Initially healing stones spawn around the size of a large Rabbit, but will shrink to smaller than a berry.
    • Extremely large healing stones can also spawn in the Volcano (they are exclusive to the volcano, but don't spawn on lava patches in the Desert). These stones also have a higher Health Bar, and are as big as a Dragon at full size. A mamximum of one large healing stone will spawn - when one is used up, another may appear shortly thereafter.
  • When two Black Dragons are close to each other, they cannot use healing stones.


Healing stones are slightly lopsided heptagons. They look rather like pink diamonds, with darker shades of pink at their exterior, and lighter pink in the interior. As the Health Bar of healing stones decrease, they will grow smaller in size.

When animals are healing with the healing stone, their body will glow pink. When diving and using a healing stone, a pink circle will show up around them.


This feature is an essential element to - reliable for XP for lower tiers and also water when in need. As a lower tier (i.e. tiers 1-5), Healing Stones are reliable and easy methods of levelling up. They shouldn't be too hard to find, but cannot be found in a particular location so you may have to do a little searching.

When you get to medium tiers such as Fox, you can rely on other food sources to quickly level up. However, healing stones are useful for when you're on low health, or low on water/lava/energy.



  • Only one Big Healing Stone will exist at a time. When it is destroyed, another will appear in the Lava Biome.
  • Although it can be destroyed by every animal in, it does not have a light green outline.
  • Does not give health when animal just stung by a giant scorpion or bitten by a komodo dragon nests on it.
  • Aside from Aloevera, Healing Stones are the only substance that can heal animals.
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