UPGRADED to Giraffe!
Giraffes have long legs that can stomp anyone comes in their way!

The Giraffe is a tier 8 Land animal in Mope.io. It is the equivalent of the Cobra, Stingray, Walrus, Snowy Owl and Camel.



The Giraffe is an yellow animal with many detailed brown spots all over it. It has furry ears with a furrier mane going down the middle of its head. It also has a long extending snout/nose, and a tail with fur on the end.


Use the Giraffe's ability to farm food is the best way to level up. Using it on Bees and Ducks will lead to an instant upgrade. However, be cautious in lakes as Giraffes are fairly slow in water, and are easy targets to predators such as Crocodiles. Furthermore, consuming multiple red mushrooms and watermelon slices is also a valid choice (create watermelon slices by pressing S 6 times into a whole watermelon, causing it to explode).

Hunting and killing other non-AI animals for XP-gain is a lot more time-consuming and can be harder, as the Giraffe's ability can be lacking in range. Moreover, the Donkey and Zebra, the main ideal targets as they are right below Giraffes on the foodchain and plentiful in XP, are very hard to catch due to their defensive abilities which can easily stun a Giraffe to make a quick getaway.



Many people hated the Giraffe once because of the fact that thier ability does such high damage, that they easily picked off high tier animals that are even at half HP. It was also used for teaming frequently, which made Black Dragons vulnerable to teaming Giraffes which was found annoying.

In an update, KOA implemented extreme nerfs, making it only do two stomps and not damaging high tier predators at all, and reducing its stun time. Because of this, the Giraffe now is considered to be useless/unplayable by the community.


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