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UPGRADED to Giraffe!
Giraffes have long legs that can stomp anyone comes in their way!

The Giraffe is a tier 8 Land animal in It is the equivalent of the Cobra, Stingray, Walrus, Snowy Owl and Camel.



The Giraffe is an yellow animal with many detailed brown spots all over it. It has furry ears with a furrier mane going down the middle of its head. It also has a long extending snout/nose, and a tail with fur on the end. The Gold Trimmed Giraffe simply turns the spots golden, giving a lighter appearance.


Use the Giraffe's ability to farm food is the best way to level up. Using it on Bees and Ducks will lead to an instant upgrade. However, be cautious in lakes as Giraffes are fairly slow in water, and are easy targets to predators such as Crocodiles. Furthermore, consuming multiple red mushrooms and watermelon slices is also a valid choice (create watermelon slices by pressing S 6 times into a whole watermelon, causing it to explode).

Hunting and killing other non-AI animals for XP-gain is a lot more time-consuming and can be harder, as the Giraffe's ability can be lacking in range. Moreover, the Donkey and Zebra, the main ideal targets as they are right below Giraffes on the food chain and plentiful in XP, are very hard to catch due to their defensive abilities which can easily stun a Giraffe to make a quick getaway.


Many people hated the Giraffe once because of the fact that their ability does such high damage, that they easily picked off high tier animals that are even at half HP. It was also used for teaming frequently, which made Black Dragons vulnerable to teaming Giraffes, which was quite disruptive to the game's balance.

In a following update, KOA implemented extreme nerfs, making it only do two stomps and not damaging high tier predators at all, and reducing its stun time. Because of this, the Giraffe now is considered to be useless/unplayable by the community. Although it does 5 stomps.

The White Giraffe is a tier 8 and tier 13 TimberLand animal in The Momaffie and The Girabie, also known as Female White Giraffe and Baby White Giraffe respectively, are the tier 8 variant, equivalent of the Cobra, Stingray, Walrus, Snowy Owl and Camel. The Male White Giraffe is the tier 13 variant, equivalent to Hippo, Boa Constrictor, Killer Whale, Komodo Dragon and Sabertooth Tiger.


  • All variants can be eaten by everything above them, even the tier 13 variant can eat normal giraffes and white giraffes that are tier 8, except for the giraffe's own family.
  • The Giraffe's stomp ability can be used by holding W. It shares some characteristics with the Donkey and Elephant, but it kicks forward instead of backwards and instead of having a trunk, it kicks. It will stomp 4 times, with a double stomp at the end of the ability. This will stun and damage animals.
  • If it spawns with a family, when using your ability, your family will go to the exact place where you are performing your ability and will repeat it from the largest family member to the smallest one.

White Giraffe

  • Upgrades from the Eagle, Shark, Rhino, or Wolverine at 250K XP.
  • Upgrades to the Elephant, Giant Spider, Cassowary, Blue Whale, Mammoth or Blackwidow Spider at 500K XP.
  • It can eat all animals below it to Deer and all foods except Dates, Berries and Cactus Pears.
  • The Male White Giraffe can eat all animals below it to Deer and all foods except Dates, Berries and Cactus Pears.
  • As a Male White Giraffe, if it spawns with a family, it can control the family indefinitely if it keeps holding W, they will repeat its same movements and way of walking and they will always follow it. If it stops holding W, the family will roam around if it stands still, with the Girabie following the Momaffie and the Momaffie following the Male White Giraffe if the latter moves.
  • If a Male White Giraffe spawns with a family, the Male Giraffe will inflict 10% more damage to the animals if one member of its family dies and the cooldown of its ability will be decreased by 10%, but if both family members die, the giraffe in addition to receiving another 10% increase in damage inflicted and another 10% decrease in cooldown, will also lose the capacity to heal over time and will have to resort to other methods such as Healing Stones in order to regain health.

Momaffie Family

Momaffie only

  • The Momaffie can spawn either alone or with a family member, which is the Girabie.


White Giraffe (Male)

The Male White Giraffe looks similar in body shape to a regular Giraffe. The difference is that the Male White Giraffe is obviously white, and the spots are shades of brown, as well as the hair on his head.

Momaffie (Female White Giraffe)

The Momaffie is nearly identical to the Male White Giraffe, but her ears are slightly more drooped and the skin is more of a lighter shade.


The Girabie is just like its mother, except its ears are smaller and tufty. The hair is also less ruffled and paler.

Momaffie Family

The Momaffie family (1 other giraffe) is a Momaffie and a Girabie travelling together.

White Giraffe Family

The White Giraffe Family (2 other giraffes) is a male white giraffe with a Momaffie and a Girabie. If the Momaffie or Girabie gets killed, the male's eyes change as it is angry.


As Girabie-Tier 8

As a Girabie, you have less health points and therefore you will die easily. Beware of predators, as they will hunt you for coins. The best strategy for Girabie is probably just eat and level up as the ability is too weak to do serious damage.

As a Momaffie- Tier 8

Momaffie has low health as well, but superior to the Girabie's. This animal can steal kills if find an animal on low health. Activate your ability when you are behind them, and the damage will be done and you will have a kill. However, still be cautious about your health points.

As a White Giraffe (Tier 13)

Use your ability to stun prey and hurt them, then bite them as much as you can to do as much damage as possible and hopefully get a good meal.

If you happen to encounter another White Giraffe, be extremely cautious, as it can kill you with its ability as well. The best thing to do is probably to run if you're on lower or equal health points. However, if you have more HP then the other White Giraffe does, take advantage of this and kill it with your ability. You'll receive its coins and an amount of its XP.

Take advantage of your six extra health points and provoke a Beehive, the Bees will come out to sting and/or tailbite you, but it's not a problem since you have a good amount of health: start eating as many Bees and Honey as you can.

If you like to take risks, you can try to get close to an apex animal, a monster or even a Black Dragon and use your ability repeatedly on them, with your increased damage and extra health you may have the chance to kill your target if you're lucky enough. However, be sure to watch your health as health regeneration for the White Giraffe is quite slow and can only be accelerated with a healing stone or aloe vera plants.

If you're trying to escape, don't use your ability on the person chasing you, because by turning around to perform it, the person chasing you can get free hits on you and can cancel your ability even with the slightest damage. Drink water if you can and go into a Hiding Hole and wait for the person to lose interest in you.

Don't go too far into mud, the Ocean or significantly large bodies of water, as you are very slow in those places and will become an easy target for any predator capable of walking fast over water and/or mud without difficulty.

As A Momaffie Family (Girabie and Momaffie) -Tier 8

Protect your Girabie, as your damage will not increase if it dies, but instead decrease. Many people will hunt you, and Girabie can still be eaten when diving. Avoid most animals. Level up by farming, then eat your Girabie when you level up for extra experience points and coins. This is kind of being a cannibal or being brutal, but it is an option for earning coins.

As A White Giraffe Family (Male White GIraffe, Momaffie and Girabie) -Tier 13

Congratulations, White Giraffe Family is the rarest but best of all White GIraffe Variants! If you like the prospect of having a family, make sure to protect them and keep in mind that they have less health then you do. If you want to get a kill, it's advised that you get your Momaffie and Girabie killed, as this will increase your damage by a lot! Go behind an animal to prevent them from stopping your ability by using theirs, and stomp! Usually White Giraffe should be used to kill predators as it would be kind of a waste of the power to use on prey. However, if you are looking for an easy way to level up, hunting and eating prey will give you experience points in no time. Beware of your health, it is hard for a White Giraffe to heal without a healing stone or aloe vera plant, as mentioned before.



  • The Giraffe and Ostrich are the only animals in that have a “family”, with the Giraffe family featuring a female, male and baby, and the Ostrich family being a female Ostrich and multiple babies.
  • The Girabie and Giraffe Family were initially showcased in a video by NoobHimself on YouTube, where the Developers and NoobHimself turned into them.
  • Its special ability is comparable to the Zebra and Donkey as they all have feet textures and some sort of foot attack.
  • Despite the Giraffe being “useless” according to the community it is still a popular pick for levelling up.
  • The Giraffe, Zebra, Lion, Ostrich, Hippo, Cheetah, Gorilla, Elephant, and Rhino are all animals in game that are native to the continent of Africa in real life.


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