UPGRADED to Giraffe!
Giraffes stomp anyone comes in their way!

The Giraffe is the 8th animal which is the equivalent of the Cheetah, Stingray or the Wolf. It was released on November 2 update.



The Giraffe is an Yellow Animal with many brown details on it, 2 Ears on each side of the Head, 2 Nostrils, and a Tail.


Kick in your front with 4 Kicks that eventually happen when you do the Stomp; but beware! Its Ability is very hard to Aim! When threatened by a predator turn around, kick it two to three times and quickly run away into a hiding hole!

Zebras are your best bet.  Use your stomp behind them so they can't kick you, then eat them. But watch out for Tigers and Eagles, they're much stronger and can kill a Giraffe strongly.

If you don't like hunting, go to the volcano and eat tons of watemelon slices, that will level you up in seconds (remember to shoot water at watermelons to make them blow into edible slices!)


Many people hated the Giraffe once because of the fact that thier ability does such high damage, that they easily picked off high tier animals that are even at half HP. It was also used for teaming frequently, which made Black Dragons vulnerable to teaming Giraffes which was found annoying.

In an update, King of Agario nerfed it majorly, which it now only does two stomps and doesn't damage predators at all and reduced it's stun time. Because of this, the Giraffe now is considered to be one of the worst animals in the whole game by the community.