UPGRADED to Giant Spider!
Place webs around the game to catch prey!

The Giant Spider is one of the animals released via the update on September 23rd, 2017 which developers called it the "poison update". It is equivalent to the ElephantBlue Whale, and Mammoth - being the alternative to the Elephant.


The Giant Spider:


The Giant Spider has eight legs and four eyes (which is more than any other animal) It's giant head (which is proportionally bigger than any other animal) has a spot and two pincers, while it's abdomen bears another spot.


Shoot webs at prey who try to bite your tail, and then eat them. If possible, leave a spider web in a berry bush so it's impossible to see. Them camp in a cave nearby (close enough so you can see the web) then when the unfortunate prey is captured, eliminate them! If it's a predator bite its tail. Use your venom to tail-bite a predator. The predator will be slowed down and weakened so you have time to escape. If you're hunting for Black Dragons, put a web in front of them, and while they're stunned, bite their tail for lots of XP!

An easy way to obtain EXP easily is to sit in an isle of hills, trees or and pretend to be away from keyboard. Wait for a non-climber (preferably Hippos, Ostriches, Rhinos or Crocs) to try to bite your tail, if they attempt it, web them, go around them and block their escape. When doing this strategy, your victim will almost always be free food, please note that the three animals mentioned above are much faster in mud and water than you which is why this strategy is recommended.

Attack Boa Constrictors, they are slower than you which will make them easy. You are slow in water but so are they, if they escape into a hole, try to create webs over it, either the Boa will be forced to go out of the hole, or end up being trapped inside. Just make sure they don't escape into the mud where you are slow.

Eagles as the Invasion of Birds are your best bet, they are slow in mud and water like you and are even slower than you on land.

If being chased by a Dragon, The Yeti!, or any other predator. Let them get close to you and place a small web in front of them, giving them barley any space to avoid it. Once they are trapped, run away before the web wears off. Another strategy to escape is to hide in a tiny hiding hole, and while they are hovering over you, suddenly pop out and web them. If you are stranded in the ocean, use the ocean hills, as you move quite fast through hills.

Watch out for T-Rexs, if they are fast enough, they may quickly grab you and you will be slowed down by bleeding that will prevent you from putting a web in front of them to slow them down. If you manage to escape after bleeding, find a tree or hill to climb since T-Rexs can't climb them and stay away from their jaws.

In additon to all this, another ideal strategy for Giant Spiders is to make an enormous buildup of webs. This is very time-consuming, but its efforts are well worth the time. It serves as a sufficient defense from ALL Predators and prey all the way up from Fox Tier. If you team up with Eagles, they can carry animals and drop them into your webs, making it very difficult for them to escape.



  • It has an unused design, seen in momo gamers video. (the image that's in the gallery).
  • The old name was Tarantula.
  • It is the only tier 14 animal that climbs hills, it is the animal with most legs, and it is the smallest tier 14 animal. It also has the most eyes.
  • Once an animal who is trapped in a web gets damaged, the web will wear off of them.
  • Dragons used to not get stuck in the web at all.
  • It is the largest animal that can hide in small Hiding Holes.
  • If animals below Deer touches your webs, they get poisoned instead of being trapped.
  • Spider webs disappear after 7 minutes.