UPGRADED to Giant Scorpion!
Sting and shiver your prey to death.
(Press W to Sting)

Giant Scorpion is the sixteenth Desert animal in, and is the equivalent of the Land Monster, Sea Monster, Ice Monster and Dino Monster.



Giant Scorpion

The Giant Scorpion has a big black body, with three protruding legs on each side of its body. Its tail is black and curves up, with a dark red stinger on the end of the tail which looks like a drop of blood, the colour turns to orange, then dark red again periodically. The Giant Scorpion's eyes are frowning, and it has two large pincers in front of its face.

Golden Scorpion

The Golden Scorpion has a slightly yellow colored stinger on the end of it’s tail and its colored golden, hence the name. It also has different shaped pincers on it’s face, it's covered in golden spikes.

Carnelian Scorpion

The Carnelian Scorpion has a light orange color with features similar to same the Giant Scorpion. It has an additional lighter orange marks on it back.


Use your ability as often as you can, as it does less damage than that of other monsters, but you have an advantage as your ability lasts longer, stops abilities and boosting, and also makes the animal slow and does some damage. It also recharges very quickly.

You can eat Blackwidow Spiders, but their Spin Web ability will slow you down significantly, allowing the Blackwidow to get away. Eat Black Widows that are low on water or stunned, as their decreased speed makes them much easier targets.

It's a good idea to go after Pterodactyls, since they use up all their energy flying, they’ll be slow and will need to eat to regain energy to fly or boost away. Before that happens, sting them and keep tailing them no matter what they say. The pterodactyl will die after just 2 stings, and you will get free xp. However, if it goes into a hiding hole, it is good to give up, since they can stay there long enough for you to lose all your water. the apexes’s abilities (i.e. Dragon's fire breath, Yeti's freezing snowball projectiles, etc.) will inflict a lot of damage on you and will bite your tail, though this is unlikely, as the other Apexes (besides the Pterodactyl and Rex) don't visit the desert very often. If they do, take extreme caution. If you are going to go after other apexes, first sting them, then chase them and bite them when they are shivering, because they are weak then and also can't use their ability to defend themselves. Just leave them when they have about 1/8 of their health left, because the will die 100%. Most apexes are safe to hunt, but the T-REX is one that you should be cautious around. T-REX no longer suffer burn-damage in the desert, so there will be some T-Rexes in there. Their ability can damage you, especially if you get freeze damage from being in the ocean. If a T-Rex tries to attack you on low health, stay near hills and rocks, as they cannot climb them. If the T-REX doesn't leave, use your ability on it to make it leave. If it still doesn't leave, keep stinging it until it dies.

Another idea is to go outside of the desert, and to the Poison lake. There will most likely be a large number of Giant Spiders there. Since you can now walk on their webs, you can dominate the Poison lake. When Pterodactyls drop prey in the lake, you can take it all for yourself. You can even try eating one of the Giant Spiders or Pterodactyls too, but it would probably be easier to make an alliance with them, or at least be on peaceful terms as some Spiders/Pterodactyls since they can contribute to trapping a lot of your prey. If you do stay around the lake, beware of receiving damage from the water being cold. It may lead to you losing health and potentially being killed. Try to get water from a Healing Stone, or consume water droplets at the edge of water spots.

Avoid Black Dragons at all costs, as they will most likely try killing you if they ever set sights on you (since the Giant Scorpion is one of the apex kills needed for King Dragon) though this is unlikely, as their demand for Lava leaves them mostly bound to the Volcano they live in. If they ever do visit the desert, find the nearest Hiding Hole and wait, until the Black Dragon leaves. Additionally, if you are at the Volcano, don't hide in one of the volcano's hiding holes. If you do, the Black Dragon can wait there forever, since it won't lose lava.

When wanting to gain XP from prey, wait in a hiding hole or act AFK and as the prey comes closer, use your ability on them and kill them, since the ability is like sweating (disable running and ability) without the water draining part but with the vibration and health-drainage part. So it’ll be an easy kill. Just make sure there are no hiding holes around.

If you feel confident enough, try challenging an apex to a 1v1 battle. 1v1 is an effective way to level up, and will guarantee a kill if you know what you're doing. Refer to the main 1v1 article for extra tips.

Also, if a Dino Monster is all set to kill you and is on low health, sting them, and if a hiding-hole is far away, you'll get a guaranteed kill. If you’re the one with low health, seek refuge in a hiding hole, or better still, lava if you can. Eating Watermelons there will sustain your water supply until you have the chance to run again. Your equivalents are mostly easy to kill except Dino Monster and Ice Monster. Be careful with them!



  • This is the second animal to be teased before an actual teaser.
  • Giant Scorpion the first non-spider arachnid, and the first non-spider playable land arthropod.
  • The Giant Scorpion can now climb Giant Spider webs. This may be because it is in the arachnid family.
    • It's also the only other animal (aside from Blackwidow Spider) that can climb their webs.
  • This animal is the only Monster tier animal without "monster" in its name.
  • This is the closest-resembling animal to the Black Dragon (besides King Dragon).
  • This is one of the only moving animation animals. Others include The Phoenix, Komodo Dragon, Black Dragon, and King Dragon.
  • It is immune to lava
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