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The Frog is fast in water. And If you touch it, it will leap away, and also has a passive ability called "Slime". If you touch it, a message will apear,"Yuck,You're covered in slime!".

When you touch the slime you get covered in it for 4 seconds. During the whole time your grip on land/water becomes very slippery, making it much harder to control your animal.

Frogs spawn around the Rivers, and they can climb on Hills and Rocks. When in water they will automatically dive and go considerably faster.

The longer you let it live, the more XP it gives.

Frogs can produce 2 sounds: "Croak!", and "Ribbit!".


  • It is the only animal so far to have the slime effect.
  • It resembles a tree frog, but unlike the tree frogs, it spends it's time mostly in or by water.
  • It was released on May 13, 2018.
  • If an Eagle grabs a frog and upgrades right after, the frog stays floating in air without losing any water at all, which causes less frogs to spawn.
  • A frog will dive when interacting with the river and when predators are nearby.
  • Frogs have similar mechanics as snails. 

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