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The Frog is an AI animal in that spawns in rivers. It is the Lamd equivalent of the Cheetah, Gorilla, Toucan, Snow Leopard, Pufferfish and Rattlesnake.


  • Frogs will spawn in Rivers in the Land biome.
  • They will randomly hop around, but will hop away when a predator bites them.
  • When a Frog is in water, it will automatically be diving and can only be harmed by Special Abilities.
  • Frogs are able to bite the tails of predators, and can potentially kill them in this way.
  • When you touch the slime you get covered in it for 4 seconds. During the whole time your grip on land/water becomes very slippery, making it much harder to control your animal.
  • They can climb on hills and rocks
  • The longer a frog lives, the more XP it gives.
  • Frogs can produce sounds that show up in chat as "CROAK!" and "RIBBIT!"


The Frog has a green body in the shape of a lopsided diamond. There is a light green stripe in the middle of the frog's body, and below that two eye sockets with black eyes, and two tiny nostrils. The Frog's legs are a darker green, but its webbed feet are orange.



  • It and the Camel are the only animals to have a slime effect.
  • It resembles a tree frog, but unlike the tree frogs, it spends its time in rivers.
  • If an Eagle grabs a frog and upgrades right after, the frog stays floating in air without losing any water at all, which causes less frogs to spawn.
  • Frogs have similar mechanics to snails
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