The Frog is an AI animal in that spawns in rivers. It is the Land equivalent of the Cheetah, Gorilla, Toucan, Snow Leopard, Pufferfish and Rattlesnake.


  • Frogs will spawn in Rivers in the Land biome.
  • They will randomly hop around, but will hop away when a predator bites them.
  • When a Frog is in water, it will automatically be diving and can only be harmed by Special Abilities.
  • Frogs are able to bite the tails of predators, and can potentially kill them in this way.
  • When you touch the slime you get covered in it for 4 seconds. During the whole time your grip on land/water becomes very slippery, making it much harder to control your animal.
  • They can climb on hills and rocks
  • The longer a frog lives, the more XP it gives.
  • Frogs can produce sounds that show up in chat as "CROAK!" and "RIBBIT!"


The Frog has a green body in the shape of a lopsided diamond. There is a light green stripe in the middle of the frog's body, and below that two eye sockets with black eyes, and two tiny nostrils. The Frog's legs are a darker green, but its webbed feet are orange.


Against a Frog

Crocodile, Rhino, Ostrich, and Elephant are perfect animals for farming frogs, usually a common upgrade option for strategists. As an Elephant, you will be able to one-shot frogs with your ability even as they are underwater. Do this and you will quickly level up. As a Crocodile, use your ability to drag diving frogs out of the water. When your ability has been used up the frog will be on low health. IMMEDIATELY eat it. As a Rhino, get the frog to low health when it isn't diving and then use your ability on the frog when it is diving. As an Ostrich, you can take advantage of your speed and babies and hunt frogs. Generally for all animals, you will want to evade being tail-bitten by a frog. However, if you see a frog that has gotten a tail-bite and is unusually large, you might want to eat it for extra XP.



  • It and the Camel are the only animals to have a slime effect.
  • It resembles a tree frog, but unlike the tree frogs, it spends its time in rivers.
  • If an Eagle grabs a frog and upgrades right after, the frog stays floating in air without losing any water at all, which causes less frogs to spawn.
  • Frogs have similar mechanics to snails
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