You can kick players out of hiding holes! (Press W when in one)!
+ Hide in red berry bushes!

The Fox is the sixth animal in, and the land equivalent of the Jellyfish and Arctic Fox.


The fox:


The fox is colored bright orange with a black nose and brighter orange ears. One might mistake it for a Lion at first glance, but Lions are still considerably larger.


The Fox's best ability is hiding in berry bushes. Use this ability to your advantage. You can hide and camp in a berry bush to wait for your prey, or you can simply chase after prey; since they cannot pass through berry bushes, you should have an easy time catching them. If they go into a hole you can use your ability to kick out your prey and then continue chasing them. If you are being chased by a predator, hide in the nearest hole. If the predator goes in, use your ability and run. You can also troll; go into a cave, wait for animals to come in, then bite their tail.

You can also go to a river to eat red mushrooms and Starfish.



  • Fox has existed since the game was first released.
  • Previously it upgraded to Deer.
  • Until the October 22nd update, the Fox upgraded from the Pig at 1.4K experience. Until November 11th, it upgraded to the Deer at the same number.
  • Originally, it was the only animal that upgraded from something else and upgraded to something else, upgrading from the Mouse and to the Lion.
  • Technically, it was moved twice around the upgrade chain, as it was the second animal but was then moved to fourth, then to fifth.
    • From Mouse To Lion.
    • From Pig To Lion.
    • From Pig To Deer.
    • From Pig To Mole.
    • From Mole To Deer.
    • From Deer to zebra.
    • It is one of the 4 orange animals, being Octopus, Shrimp, and the Tiger.
    • It has a white counterpart similar to the Rabbit, and they share the word "Arctic" in both of their names.