"Fossils" is a scrapped feature that didn't make it into the game. Please do not delete content from this page, or this Snake will eat you.
Reason: It was announced 3 years ago and has obviously since been scrapped/replaced by the Carcass

Not to be confused with carcasses, a feature that appears whenever animals die from any cause.

The Fossil was confirmed feature from Pike via DeviantArt.[1] It was used be the ocean equivalent of meat, but nothing is really known about it.


  • It may have been the Ocean equivalent of Meat, but was probably replaced by the carcass.
    • Fossils might have appeared when animals were eaten, but nothing much was ever revealed about them.
  • They were first confirmed on former developer Pike's DeviantArt page.[1]


The fossil is a structure of white bones. It has 4 bones on each side, all rooted to a single bone stemming from the head of the fossil, which is like a semi-circle. The first two bones on the side are the same size, while the next two both are decreased in length. It resembles the structure of a fish, excluding the tail.



  • The carcass was most likely a replacement for the fossil.


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