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Food plays an important role in mope. When an animal touches a light green outlined food it will eat it and it gets an amount of XP. Certain foods have a Health Bar, meaning animals have to hit it a certain amount of times before it's eaten. It should be noted that, since the #GoldenAge update, food can no longer be damaged by Special Abilities. The only exception to this is the Elephant

List Of Food


Image XP Given Animals that can eat it Appears in/Spawns from
Water Water none All animals except Lava-drinking animals, and Pterodactyl Arctic, Land, Various Abilites
Berry Berry 1-6 MouseBeta-Newzebra Berry Bushes, Land, Deer Ability, Mushroom, Rivers
Arctic Berry ArcticBerry 1-6 MouseBeta-Newzebra Berry Bushes, Arctic, Reindeer Ability
Plankton Plankton2 1-6 MouseBeta-Newzebra Plankton Bushes, Oceans, Flamingo Ability
Date Date 5-20 MouseBeta-Newest Cheetah Around Hills in Desert, Chipmunk Ability
Mushroom Mushroom 10-15 Piggy+ Land, Rivers, Mushroom Bush, Mud, Deer Ability, Red Mushroom
Red Mushroom RedMushroom 150 for tier 7, 300 for tiers 8+ Newfox+ Land, Rivers, Mushroom Bush, Mud, Deer Ability, Rivers
Mushroom Bush MushroomBush 3.4k-12k Newzebra+ Arctic, Land, Rivers, Lakes, Deer Ability


All animals (except HoneyBeees) Land,

Honeybee, Beehive

20-50 Newmole+ Bushes, Mud, Snowballs, Deer Ability
Seaweed Seaweed 12 Newfox+ Oceans
Kelp Kelp 200-1k Newfox+ Oceans
150-450 New deer+ Arctic, Bushes in Arctic
Lilypad Lilypad 75-200 New deer+ Lakes, Deer Ability
Starfish Starfish 75 Newfox+ Oceans, Rivers, Beaches
Arctic Nut ArcticNut 1K Newzebra+ Arctic, Snowballs
Pear Pear 1.2k Newzebra+ Land, Arctic, Bushes
Banana Banana 800 New Cobra+ Trees
Small Meat Meat 100 for tier 1, 150 for tier 2, 200 for tiers 3+ All animals When an animal dies of natural causes (Everywhere) Carcass Shark's Jaws Bite T-REX's Jaws Bite to low Tier animals
Medium Meat
1K for tier 6, 2K-4k for tiers 7+


When an animal dies of natural causes (Everywhere) T-REX's Jaws Bite to high Tier animals
Big Meat
33K for tier 11, 38K for tier 12, 44k for tiers 13+ New Croc+ When an animal dies of natural causes (Everywhere)
Watermelon Slice WatermelonSlice e 500 Newfox+ Volcano, Watermelon
Watermelon Watermelon e 1.2K for tier 11, 4.8K for tiers 12+ New Croc+ Volcano
Coconut Coconut 200-1.5k Newest Cheetah+ Trees
Clam Clam 400-800 New Croc+ Oceans, Rivers
Conch Conch 3.4k-12k New Croc+ Oceans
Carrot Carrot e 48 New Rabbit+ Mud
Snail Snail 4K-10K Newest Cheetah+ Oceans
Chipmunk Chipmunk 60-5K New Rabbit-New deer Arctic
Lemming New Lemming 60-5K New Rabbit-New deer Arctic
Egg Egg 30+ Newmole+ Duck, Arctic Duck, Goose
Golden Egg Goldenegg 325+ Newmole+ Duck, Arctic Duck, Goose
Duckling Duckling 73 Piggy-New Bear Lakes
Duck Duck 1k/5k-15k/4k Newzebra+ Lakes
Arctic Duck Arctic Duck 1k/5k-15k/4k Newzebra+ Lakes
Goose Goose Varying Newzebra+ Lakes
Carcass Carcc 3k XP HyenaNew CrocVulturKomodo Dragon, New TrexPterodactylLand Monster+ Anywhere and anytime that an animal dies (excluding A.I.).
Mango Mango 20-300 Piggy+ Around Venus Fly Traps
Orange Orange 110-350 New Bear+ Hills in Desert
Cactus Pear Cactuspear 20-60 Chicken-New Croc Cacti
Melon Melon 1k to 3k Newzebra+ Quicksand
Melon Slice Melonslice 660 Newfox+ Melons
Aloevera Aloevera 18k-36k New Croc+ Desert
Aloevera Leaf Aloeveraleaf 70-450 New deer+ Aloevera
Cactus Cactus 4k-60k New Rhinoceros+ Desert
Resources in
Berry BerryArcticBerry Arctic BerryPlankton2 PlanktonLilypad LilypadMushroom Mushroom
RedMushroom Red MushroomMushroomBush Mushroom BushBanana BananaCoconut CoconutWater WaterPear PearRasp e RaspberryWatermelon e WatermelonWatermelonSlice e Watermelon SliceCarrot e CarrotArcticNut Arctic NutMeat MeatSeaweed SeaweedStarfish StarfishKelp KelpClam ClamConch ConchCloudberry CloudberryEgg EggGoldenEgg Golden EggBeehive BeehiveHoneycomb HoneycombMango MangoDate DateOrange Orange
Cactus CactusCactuspear Cactus PearMelon MelonMelonslice Melon SliceAloeveraAloeveraAloeveraleaf Aloevera LeafChilli Chili PepperDragonfruit Dragon FruitPapaya PapayaPapayaslice Papaya sliceOnion OnionCabbage Cabbage
Peapod1 Peas Fossil FossilsCarcc Carcasses
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