UPGRADED to Flamingo!
Hold W in water to search for food underwater.
(Tip: Any nearby underwater animals will get surfaced by the flamingo!)

The Flamingo is the fourth Ocean animal in Mope.io, and the equivalent of the Squid, Deer, Reindeer and Gazelle.



The Flamingo starts off with a light pink head and torso, with light pink tail-feathers as well. However, if you eat enough Shrimp and Plankton, you get more and more pink until you become completely pink.

When digging, the Flamingo's head will disappear and the four dots that show when diving will replace the Flamingo's head, giving the impression that it's head is diving.


Try to dig for food first. Digging in the ocean is the best because it gives you plenty of space away from other Flamingos that might try to rob you of your food. That will give you plenty of A.I. Shrimp, Trout, Crabs or Sea-horses to eat. Make sure to eat the bots quickly, as they will disappear after a certain time. You can also use a Healing Stone to level up effectively.

Another somewhat risky strategy is to trail near a shark , and scavenge off meat pieces that appear when it activates the Bite ability. You could even try to tail-bite them but be careful. The best way to bite a predator is, be flying above them, and quickly press W when directly above their tail. Since Flamingos can land instantly at will, without much warning, it's easier to make it look like you're not focused on the predator and unsuspectingly bite them.

If an ocean predator comes, go to the nearest hill and then fly away. For most predators, you can wait them out on a land-mass. However, for the Turtle and Pelican, they can still reach you on a hill, so you'll have to fly away from them. Hanging around King Crabs in this case can be beneficial for your protection on both land and sea. Be aware that the Flamingo cannot dive, so the flying part of your ability is the only means of escape.

Another option is to exit the Ocean, and go to a Lake in the Land biome. There, you can eat Lilypads and Ducklings. You can also have a grand feast on the ducks's eggs . However, avoid predators if you do go there as there will be some; fly away on a hill if a predator tries to chase you.




New Birb Fly Mangos!-1

Video showing how the Flamingo (though called "Fly Mango") works in mope.io


  • It's the 10th bird added in Mope.io, and the only Ocean animal that can't dive.
  • It's the only animal so far that can change body colour, except for the Black Dragon and King Dragon, which turn blacker as they lose lava, and can occasionally get “angry”, giving it more orange features).
  • The Flamingo is the only animal that can dig for food in water.
    • The water-dig ability used to produce Snails in addition to the other A.I. animals, but now it no longer does
    • It will also resurface any prey that is diving. It used to resurface any diving animal, no matter their tier, but this was changed due to imbalances.
    • The Flamingo is the only animal that can create A.I. animals on its own as an ability.


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