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Fire is a substance like Poison, except that it burns you when you touch it, reducing your health. But you can get the fire to ease more quickly by heading towards lakes and oceans or by drinking plenty of water. Dragons and Black Dragons can spit it out as their ability; you can also burn when you're in lava or when you're an Arctic animal and you go on Land with the exception of Wolverine, Sabertooth Tiger, and Yeti. If you're a Land animal and you upgrade into the Arctic, you'll burn for 3 seconds. If the fire doesn't hit an animal, then there will be a fire where it landed for a few seconds. Animals that walk in it will subsequently burn. The Land Monster doesn't breathe fire, but it still burns its prey when it bites it.

How to avoid dying from it

  • It is recommended that you stay well away from fire-breathing animals unless you are their prey or your ability is strong enough to troll them.
  • If you're in water, try to dodge the fire by diving.
  • If you do get set on fire, the best thing to do is to get to water, such as the Ocean or a Lake or a Water Spot. An easy, effective alternative is to get to a Hiding Hole, which quenches the flames.