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Komodo Dragon: The largest lizard, the living Monster, Komodo Dragon is the resident of Islands of Komodo, Rinca, Gilli Montag, Padar and Flores. Komodo Dragons are member of Varanidae, the Monitor lizard family. This nasty beast can grow upto 10-12 ft and gain weight upto 70-75 kg.

How they have become so large? Well, it is said the islands they live has no other carnivorous animal. Recent research helped us understand that there was a species of large lizards "varanid" that lived across Australia and Indonesia. Researchers have found fossils that have features which are similar to what Komodo Dragon has.

The sheer size compared to other lizards, made Komodo Dragon dominate the ecosystem. They are most vicious and stubborn animals. If Komodo is hungry and it has to eat something, it wont let any animal go unless they fill their belly with what they are looking for. They never let the victim go and even chase it for days once they have bitten it. The only thing they want to do to their prey is just give a bite. And that bite is enough.

The Komodo Dragon, joins Mope world and has the same capabilities that you will find in a real life Komodo.

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