Not to be confused with Turkey Eggs, an exclusive edible egg only available via the special ability of the Turkey.

The Egg is a food item that was added on December 25, 2017, along with Ducks and Golden Eggs, which is able to hatch into a Duckling.


  • Eggs appear when a Duck lays them on the islands that are found in lakes.
  • They can be eaten by all animals that are at tier 3 and above.
  • Eggs are defenceless entities that cannot move, but they have a Health Bar, and will be eaten when hit by an animal five times (with the exception of the Black Dragon and King Dragon).
  • If an Egg goes unharmed for a while, a Duckling will hatch out of it.
  • There are two types of eggs: White Eggs and Golden Eggs. The only difference is Golden Eggs are rarer, richer in XP and slightly larger than White Eggs.
  • Due to a glitch, Eggs are currently unable to be laid by Ducks, and as such, Ducklings cannot appear.

Christmas Candy

Candy image 1Candy image 2Candy image 3 Christmas-themed candy substituted eggs during Christmas 2018, which gave around 50K-75K XP - they have since been removed. The different varieties of them can be seen on the left. But there are new Christmas Foods added on 2021 but some of them are reskins or taking old foods.



  • Golden eggs give more XP than regular eggs.
  • In a previous update, there used to be a lot of eggs that would spawn at lakes, even more than there were ducks in the lake.
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