The Egg is a food item that was added in December 25th, 2017, along with Ducks and Golden Eggs. It takes about 5 bites to be consumed. Eggs have been reworked. Eggs will now hatch ducks after a while if not being eaten. Golden Eggs are slightly larger than eggs in terms of size and will turn yellow once you bite them.


  • It used to only have to be bitten 2 times to be eaten.
  • In the May 13 Update, Eggs were added back in the game.
  • Now, the golden eggs give more xp than regular eggs.
  • Ducks can lay eggs which would then become ducklings when hatched.
  • As of the December 23, 2018 Update, Golden eggs give lots of XP. And regular eggs are replaced by candy which give also much XP.
  • In a previous update, there used to be a lot of eggs that would spawn at lakes, even more than there were ducks in the lake.

Christmas Candy

On a Christmas, eggs became Christmas Candy, which gave a lot of XP, and turned to golden eggs, which gave 50k-75k XP.


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