UPGRADED to Eagle!
Eagles can fly up other animals in the air!
UPGRADED to Golden Eagle! Eagles can fly up other animals in the air! !
(Can even pick predators!)

The Eagle is the 12th Land animal in Mope.io, and the equivalent of the Rhino, Shark, Markhor, Bison and Wolverine.


Bald Eagle

Golden Eagle

  • All of the above.
  • It has a rarity of 5/1000.
  • The Golden Eagle, with its special ability, can also pick up predators from tier 13-tier 16 (Hippo-monster tier).
  • It has more health than the Bald Eagle.


Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle has a brown body with a feathery white head. The head shows off multiple uprooted feathers, and the eagle's eyes are frowning. It also has a canary-yellow beak, which is quite sharp. The tail-feathers are tipped with white, but otherwise its body is brown, with faint markings all around it.

Golden Eagle

The Golden Eagle looks like the Bald Eagle, except it has a darker shade of brown, and is purely brown except for the beak. Speaking of which, the beak is a lot sharper, pointier, and that point is covered black. The Golden Eagle's tail looks a lot more noticeable and longer, similarly to the Toucan's tail structure.


As an Eagle

Try to drop Ocean animals on Land, and use your High Fly or Fly with Prey to avoid enemies. Try hiding under plankton bushes to startle your prey. As most ocean animals avoid eagles when they see them on sandhills or in the water, this will give you a better chance of success in grabbing them. Animals from Pufferfish and above are great targets; they are fast and easy way to gain XP. The said animals are very slow on land, quickly lose water, and you can wall them off! If picking up a Pelican, fly a long distance in-land, so that when you land, you can block its entrance off, and effectively eat it.

Your High-Fly after your ability is useful for tail-biting. Grab an animal (prey to one of your predators, too), and drop them in front of the predator as an offering. While they are busy chasing the animal, this is your chance to bite their tail!

The Eagle used to be able to pick up predators, but this feature is now exclusive to Golden Eagles, but it will stun the predator if you try to use the ability on them. Even though the eagle can no longer pick predators, its ability still stuns them. This is useful if one is going after you, especially in the water. Avoid Boa Constrictors and Hippos at all costs (unless they are at very low health). Boa Constrictors can use their constrict ability, trapping you as you suffocate, and since the Hippo has frequent speed in multiple environments, it can easily erode away your health over time. Both predators have different strengths and weaknesses. With Hippos, you can only avoid them by climbing hills or flying. You can evade Boas by flying away or going into the Ocean biome, where they are slower. In any case, these two predators are the biggest threat.

An option is to try helping a Giant Spider. You can deposit prey (including fellow Eagles) into their lair of webs. In return, they may decide to give you protection, or at least not eat you immediately. If the Spider is busy at any given moment with prey, you can eat whatever other prey is trapped in webs yourself.

Tigers and Crocodiles are a pretty good food source. The best way to deal with them is to pick them up, because you can pick up Crocodiles and lower tiers. Then it's your choice to either drop them anywhere or through the lava which is the best idea, because the Tiger or Crocodile will burn, while it's burning, try to see where it is going, and block the areas. You can also find another Eagle, and drop the food with them, as they will die easily. To get an easy meal, find any animal that you can pick up and has really low health, pick it up and drop it. Use the stunning as an opportunity to easily finish it off.

If you see an Ostrich, use your ability to boost yourself away from it. Cut over hills (Ostriches cannot climb hills!) If you are very close to mud, get away from that too, as Hippos, Boas, and Ostriches can easily knock you into the mud and kill you.

Against an Eagle

Eagles can be hard to kill, since their flying ability can stun predators and allow them to escape by flying away. However, if the Eagle is in its position when it's about to try grab an animal, stunning it can stop the ability. For example, if an Eagle is flying towards a Hippo, about to stun it and fly away, the Hippo can groan. Its sound wave will stun the Eagle and hence, stop its ability. The same applies with the wave power of the Killer Whale. They can create a wave, stun Eagles, and then easily eat them since they're slow in water. As a Hippo, Ostrich or Killer Whale, an Eagle in water have high potential of being easy XP. However, Boa Constrictors are also slow in water, therefore being unable to keep up.

If you're prey to an Eagle, stay in the Ocean biome to avoid them. Crocodiles can do this, but Falcons and Lions are a different story. Like the Hippo, if you're able to stun the Eagle before it can grab you, you won't be flown away (Lions and variants can stun it too). Be aware that if you're on low health, Eagles must be evaded at all costs. This is because they can drop you, and take away at least two bites of your health in the total stunning time. Additionally, Ocean animals must avoid Eagles, as they will pick you up and throw you out of the ocean.

As a Golden Eagle

Congratulations! Golden eagle is very rare and you have to be EXTREMELY lucky to get it. Most people who get Golden Eagle just want to troll and have fun. But some people want to get a kill with it, which you can!

Now to get a kill, drag a Land Monster or Phoenix from the volcano or fish a Sea Monster or Kraken from the ocean. Keep picking them up until they are taking damage from lava/water loss. Then pick them up and when they are on low health, drop them and you might get the XP from the tiny amount of damage that is dealt when dropped. If not, attempt to tail-bite it before other animals also try to kill it.

The Golden Eagle received a nerf in Beta on June 27 2020; it can no longer pick up the Black Dragon or King Dragon. Because of this, don't bother attempting to pick them up.

Against a Golden Eagle

Golden Eagles are dangerous to predators. As prey, don't bother being careful, as it won't care about prey. As predator to Golden Eagle (Especially Apex+), Be VERY careful, take refuge under a tree or hiding hole. Ocean animals should go deeper into the ocean. Desert animals should go to deeper into the desert (Oasis might work too.). And arctic animals should head back into the arctic. Try to team on golden eagle to destroy them. Fortunately, the Golden Eagle was given a nerf on the June 27 update to beta: now it can't pick up Black Dragons or King Dragons.



Bald Eagle

Many people had great dislike of the Bald Eagle for being too overpowered, back when it could grab any Animals anywhere, regardless of the size and Tiers. It has since then gotten a nerf, where it loses Water faster and can't hold higher-tier animals, but there was a secret buff; it could still hold Crocodile and Rhino, but it depends on the size. Now the Bald Eagle can't carry any predators or equivalents.

Golden Eagle

During March-June 2020, the Golden Eagle has undergone much criticism, mainly due to the fact that it can carry Black Dragons and easily cause them to die from Lava loss. Due to its buffed rarity, they aren't as hard to get as pre-GoldenAge, and there can be multiple Golden Eagles in one server. However, this criticism has mainly been sourced from the lack of defense that Black Dragons had. Due to this, the Golden Eagle no longer can pick up any Black Dragon or King Dragon.


Many people criticize the eagle Re-skin that has appeared in Beta, which affected the Golden eagle as well,

Despite not having been added mope.io yet, there have been cry outs on the Subreddit of purpose-made for the eagle re-skin, saying that it is simply "worse", such criticism only affected beta, but are now surfacing as concerns in terms in terms of actual addition to the main game. More friendly forms of such criticism have included memes on reddit has for the re-skin surface yet.


  • In the Eagle Teasers, the upgrade message for Eagle was: "UPGRADED to Eagle! Eagles are very strong and intelligent birds. They hunt anything almost equal to their size! (Tip: double-tap boost button to fly free)".
    • The old upgrade caption for eagle used to say "UPGRADED to Eagle! Eagles can fly up other animals in the air! They can also fly high (double click)."
  • Eagles can no longer drop players in lava after January 26, 2018. However this was changed on February 11, 2019, when golden eagles throw an animal to lava, it wasn't immune to it.
  • The Eagle was buffed on December 31, 2017, to pick up some predators bigger than it all the way up to Hippo tier. This was later removed and is now exclusive to the Golden Eagle.
  • The Eagle is among one of the first birds implemented in-game, along with the Penguin.


  • When flying too long as an Eagle, you would be unable to land and would die of thirst.
  • It was unable to fly but could drag players on the ground where predators can still be hurt as the dragged animal.
  • A third glitch was when grabbing an animal behind its tail, it will could the animal to fly all by itself. However, this was hard to do and is most commonly done on low-tier ocean animals.
  • Fourthly, the Eagle used to be able to fly at an extremely fast pace. If it grabbed an Arctic animal, it would be able to drag them past the Volcano and near the other end of the map within one flight.
  • The Eagle has the most history of glitches out of all animals in the game.
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