The Duck is an A.I. animal that spawns in Lakes in both Land and Arctic. It comes out with 4 evolutions: Egg, Duckling, Adolescent Duck, and Goose.

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Adolescent Ducks and Geese can lay Eggs. They are defenceless, and cannot move. After a while, they will hatch into Ducklings. Note that eggs can and will only be laid on islands on lakes, not actual water.

Ducklings were added into the December 25, 2017 update and are presumably equivalent to Chicken tier


  • Eggs will hatch into Ducklings if uneaten.
  • Ducklings will move around aimlessly and can tail-bite animals.
  • When hit by a predator, Ducklings will run around like Ducks and Geese do.
    • They may also randomly run about when a predator gets near them.
  • Ducklings can be eaten by all animals within Pig and Cheetah tiers.
  • Unlike Arctic Ducks and Geese, ducklings will not take freeze damage overtime from being in the Arctic biome.


Ducklings are small, yellow critters with barely noticeable wings on their bodies. They have large eyes and small stubby beaks.

Ducks or Arctic Ducks will evolve from the previous Duckling, and were released on December 2017. They are equivalent to Hedgehog (tier 6).


  • Ducks upgrade from Ducklings after some period of time.
  • There are Land Ducks and Arctic Ducks - both have the same capabilities, and will spawn in Land and the Arctic (including Arctic Ducks).
  • They can run around and bite tails.
  • When bitten by a predator, Ducks will sprint around in the opposite direction. If they run into a map wall they will turn around to the opposite direction of that wall.
    • For some reason, Ducks also sprint when they bite tails.
  • Arctic Ducks take freeze damage in the Arctic.
  • Ducks can lay eggs.



The duck has brown wings and a white body. Its head is a dark shade of green, and it has a long, canary-yellow beak. The Arctic Duck has the same beak, but its body is pure white.

The Goose is a further evolution of Ducks, and also the final evolution. They are also equivalent to the Hedgehog (tier 6).


  • When adult ducks still go uneaten, they will age into Geese. They cannot age more than this stage, but will not die.
  • If a predator from Zebra tier to Cheetah tier bites a Goose, it will 'attack' them by spreading its wings out and going into the predator.
    • Geese will lose health in the process and effectively be killing themselves.
  • They can lay eggs.


The Goose has a white body, with light brown wings and a small line of black tail-feathers. Its head is black with a white stripe underneath both eyes, and its beak is also black and long.


As a low tier animal, i.e. Pig-Fox tier, eating Ducklings is a great way to level up. For Donkey-Cheetah, you can especially eat Ducks and Geese as the Geese will attack you but essentially will be inavertedly killing themselves in the process.

If you are a high tiered animal that can eat ducks, they give a decent amount of XP even if you are a high-tiered animal such as hippo. Hit the ducks. They should run away. However, they will travel back to you later.

Farming ducks in the arctic is an amazing way to level up. They not only give high XP, also less people go for them as less people go into the arctic. Also, they take freeze Damage.

If you are a Black Dragon and on low health, eat ducks. Since they are killable in a single hit for Black Dragons, you can eat all ducks at the lake to regain your health if necessary. For other animals it will be harder to chase them down. If you aren't BD, avoid ducks when on low health as they can unsuspectingly tail-bite and kill you in an instant.

Duck Grabbing

Duck grabbing is a feature not yet released into the game. What happens is, a duck can be grabbed, choked, and thrown onto the ground. This will probably be used as a way to eat the duck, because after the grabbing the duck will be stunned. This feature has been teased by KoA on the YouTube community in videos about "DiDu the Duckling". Refer to the gallery for a visual.






  • There is a feature where there can be golden eggs, which give up to 10K XP.
  • They can climb hills when sprinting.
  • Ducks would grow, give more XP, lay eggs, hatch ducklings.
  • Prior to January 26 2018 update, ducks now will aim to the nearest island and eat all the food there. Probably this was made for new players have more chance to kill these fast ducks!
  • The ducks in seem to be based on the Mallard, a common type of duck in media.
  • Even though there is a type of duck exclusive to the arctic, that type of duck is not immune to the Arctic Frost. This is most likely a glitch.
  • Ducks were at one point planned to be playable and fly (as seen in one of KoA's videos), but those ideas were scrapped.
  • Ducks used to be able to eat animals that were below them on the food chain (i.e. Mouse-Deer tier), but now cannot.
    • Before Ducks and Geese were rendered unable to be predators, Geese actually chased prey upon contact and try to eat them. If they get bitten by a predator below Tier 11, Geese attack and stun the predator, but they still get bitten with every attack, making them actually easier to eat than Ducks, who simply run away when bitten.
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