UPGRADED to Dragon!
(You're amazing!)
Fly over everything, Hold W to shoot fire!

The Dragon is tone of the 15th animals in and is the land equivalent of The Kraken, The Yeti, King Crab, and Phoenix and the land counterpart of the T-Rex.


The Dragon:

  • Upgrades from Elephant, Blue Whale, [[Cassowary] or Mammoth at 1M XP.
  • Evolves into one of the Monsters at 5M XP.
  • Can eat Animals in Hedgehog, Fox, and Jellyfish.
  • Can get eaten by Monsters and Black Dragon.
  • Can fly over everything including rocks.
  • Moves through all animals up to Deer, its equivalents & other Dragons.
  • Is immune to ink.
  • Can breathe fire.
  • Is immune to the River's effect.
  • After the Colossal (April 9th) Update, it can now hide in Caves. This was changed specifically to give it at least SOME protection from the Black Dragon.


The Dragon is one of the largest animals in the game, dwarfed only by Black Dragons, Monsters, T-Rex and advanced Krakens. The Dragon has a pale turquoise body and two wings that are a slighter darker shade of turquoise. It has thin, vertical ovals running down its back which represent spikes. Its tail is small, and it has a trapezoid mouth with two dark nostrils.


Your main ability is your fire-breath. You can shoot out a single fireball that slowly burns the victim over time. This fireball is extremely powerful and useful for hunting down fleeing prey. The Fireball's range is considerably far, and its burn effect can take down prey that is out of range. After using your fireball ability once, you are slightly slowed down while the ability recharges, supposedly to give the prey a slight boost. Thus, spamming the fireball ability repeatedly is not a good idea; you should use your ability only when the prey is within the fireball's range.

The fact that you don't lose any kind of advantage anyplace (except for Arctic freeze, and abilites; excluding Pig fartsm hedgehog quills and Fox kicks) will make you very useful for going anywhere without getting slowed down. Which will help you escape gigantic teams of animals, however, this may be ineffective sometimes, because extremley giant teams may have multiple animals that have at least one advantage as you (fast speed in mud etc.). 

You should also burn a Black Dragon when it reaches low HP; just make sure its distracted before you burn it. Otherwise, avoid them at all costs, even when you are teaming since now there is an anti-Dragon teaming mechanic where fireballs can't burn when an animal has been damaged about 3 seconds ago, which means that your army will quickly die if they are not the right animals. A cave or water is the two single best places as even though Black Dragons can wait you out, they probably have better things to do than waiting you out unless you are low on water. If you are low on water, the only option is run into the ocean and dive. When you need to resurface, try to find a place far away from the Black Dragon to resurface.

When trying to eat an Elephant, you should attack it from a distance and when it is at low health, sprint at it to eat it up. Be careful though, as an Elephant could be teaming and use their combined efforts to kill you, especially since their trunk slap has a reasonable amount of damage. Also watch out for them when at low health, as they may try to finish you off with it, and sometimes, their ability will save them.

If you are trying to eat a Giant Spider, unless they are in the water, chasing after it is not very effective, since this will allow the Giant Spider to web you and escape, your large size will also make it hard to dodge the webs. Try to set it on fire constantly from a distance, when it is at low health, sprint after it but make sure you are at a distance where you can hit the Spider, but also notice the webs. If a Spider has a web nest to camp in, and stays out of your fireball range, it is best to just ignore them. If they are in the mud, you may kill them sometimes, but occasionally their web may save them if you get too close.

When battling a Kraken, you should set it on fire constantly to prevent it from diving. You can constantly do this, but be aware that your ability has been Buff, so the Kraken cannot easily dive to safety and unleash some high damage against you, also note that you will most likely be in the water, so your fireballs will be as effective.

Nthat Blue Whales got a hugeow Buff, you can go after them now. Do everything you do against the Kraken, and try to avoid their ability as they can escape underwater if they manage to hit you with their tail. If they did, they can practically stay underwater long enough for them to find a hole to camp in, so you should probably focus on eating other things.

When fighting against the Yeti, lead it far away from the Arctic as they will periodically take land damage. Try not to fight it in the Arctic for the same reason. Fire Breath in it and run away (preferably in the direction away from the Arctic or above a hill or rock as their snowballs can't get you from up there). Repeat until it is dead. If it went into a ocean, or lake and dive, you can wait it out as it has a very short diving time and is very slow in the water. However note that Yetis can climb hills.

If you are fighting against a Phoenix, constantly set it on fire with your ability and try to get tailbites in. Try to lead the Phoenix into a cave so its fire tornadoes disappear. However, if the phoenix have a very large amount of tornadoes (5+), just avoid it because the tornadoes will kill you.

When fighting the T-REX stay from a distance like when fighting The Yeti. However, unless at a certian distance, going on hills is useless because they can use their ability and pull you out of the hill. The proper way to fight them is set them on fire and then turn around and run. 

Look out for the Land Monster, as that your basically its main prey. When you see one, try to avoid it as much as you can unless its on low health. Otherwise try to kill it with your fire. When Its chasing you, go into a cave or in the ocean and hide in a whirlpool. You should also watch out for Dino Monster. As it can cause you into a lot of trouble with its ability. Dino Monster can also just repeat damaging you till your dead, so when theres one after you, go into a hole or whirlpool and wait untill it goes away.

Unless they arent there, do not go in the oceans when there are Sea Monsters around, as they can kill u easily with there ability. When u still approach one. Dive under and try to grt back on land or whirlpool. Its not recommended to go on an island as they can still bite your tail with their ability and repeat it quickly.

Avoid cassowary gangs, they are OP, they'll kick very hard with insane knockback. Go on big hills/trees/rocks and burn them.

Do not go into the artic, escpecially when there is an Ice Monster around.


In the old days and a little while ago, many people hated the Dragon due to the fact it was mildly overpowered and frequently used for teaming. The developers have nerfed the Dragon a few times throughout's existance and was majorly nerfed in the birds update, along with their fireball cooldown increasing from one second to three seconds.

This caused many people to hate using the T-REX, since it was very poor against Dragon and was bad against most other apexes as well. The T-REX however was buffed in an update where it has a longer dive time than Dragons and can still use ability/shake animals when on fire or even hurt/stunned by anything else.

Finally, when Battle Royale and Team Mode were released, the Dragon (and pretty much everything else that spawns fireballs) got a fireball delay. This feature means that they are unable to burn animals that were hurt 3 seconds ago. Although ground fires still burn, the nerf was quite successful since ground fires are not very common. This was all done to prevent Dragons from teaming with other animals or Dragons. Another nerf includes that people can't tail-bite animals that are lit on fire.

Many YouTubers did not like the Dragon nerf in the Team Mode/Battle Royale update, as it made hunting moderatley harder as well as stealing high tier kills were also difficult with all of the high damage done so quickly by multiple animals. The clans that they used for teaming (which in this case, most people were happy that they became less likely to use Dragon) were also weaker than most animals when using Dragon, which made streaming and making videos of satisfying kills harder as well. Examples of YouTubers who complained about the fire nerf are listed below.

  • DopeMope: (skip to 7:57): DopeMope complained that the fire nerf unbalances 1v1 arenas, however, he is not really complaining about the nerf that badly, since he only meant in a 1v1 arena.


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Based On Or just a Dragon, because Dragons are pretty common in mythology.


  • The Dragon was added on October 4th 2016.
    • They were initially added as "Dinosaurs.".
  • An update from November 23rd, the "Flying over Rocks" one, made the Dragon able to hide in large holes. This was fixed two days later.
    • When the Black Dragon is introduced, Dragons can again hide in caves. However, this is not a glitch.
  • There was once a joke that did the following: when a Dragon attained 100m XP, they would automatically devolve into a Mouse that could not evolve anymore. Tail-biters would receive 10k XP from each bite, making any possible tail-biter go straight to Cheetah/Stingray. This "feature" has since been removed from the game because of the addition of the Black Dragon.
  • They are the only animal that can go over Rocks without diving, other than Seals, Crabs, Turtles, and Walruses. However, they have to actually climb them while Dragons can fly over them.
  • Dragons themselves don't burn in lava. However, they are not immune to it, as they will still burn from fireballs spawned from the lava and can generally get burnt by the Black Dragon obviously. The reason they don't burn in lava is because they can fly over it, similar to how it can fly over everything else as well.
  • Along with The Kraken, T-REX, King Crab, Black Dragon and The Yeti!, it is the only animal that can bite other members of its own species.
  • Something that is shared with The Kraken, Phenix, and The Yeti! is that all are mythical creatures, and are the second-to-top predators of the food chain in their respective regions.
  • When the fireball ability was added, it could pull out victims from underwater, but one update later, the ability and the Dragon were nerfed.
  • Before the Dragon got the Shoot Fire ability, the upgrade notice said:"Upgraded to DRAGON! (Wow, you're amazing!). Dominate the lands, fly over everything!"
    • After the fire ability but before the Black Dragon, the notice said:"Upgraded to DRAGON! (Wow, you're amazing!). Fly over everything, press W to shoot fire!"
    • And after the black dragon was added, it was changed from (Wow, you're amazing!), to just, (You're amazing!).
  • Even though Dragons are immune to fire from other Dragons, they are not immune to Black Dragon's fires and Fire Dragons are not immune to the Dragon's attacks.
  • When an animal is burning, they cannot use their ability, much like stun and bleeding.
  • It is the animal that changes its evolve and upgrade XP the most:
    • First, it upgrades at 100K and evolves at 100000K.
    • Then it upgrades at 300K and evolves at 100000K.
    • Then it upgrades Kat 1000 and evolves at 100000K.
    • Then it upgrades at 2000K and evolves at 100000K.
    • Then back to 1000K.
    • Then it evolves at 5000K.
    • Then it evolves at 10>.
    • Later on, when the Land Monster is added, it will evolve at 5 millions XP.