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The Dragon is the fifteenth Land animal in Mope.io. It is the equivalent of The Kraken, Yeti, The Snowman, Pterodactyl, King Crab, PhoenixT-Rex and The BigFoot.




The Dragon has a pale turquoise body and two bat-like wings that are a slighter darker shade of turquoise. It has three spikes down its back, and one on its tail. It has a darker underbelly, and it has a short snout with prominent nostrils.

Knight Dragon

The Knight Dragon has bared eyes with thin blue rings, dark blue wings and silver armor plating which alternates from a dark gray to a lighter gray. The spikes on its back are sharper, and the end of its tail is a broad triangle whose tips curve downwards. Other than that it is similar to the Dragon.

Golden Dragon

The Golden Dragon is similar to the normal Dragon except it is gold colored, has bared eyes and has spikes near its tail.


The Gargon resembles the Golden Dragon, but it is a stony gray color. Its body and wings have small cracks and chips. The first spike on its back is missing, leaving a hole. It has ears, with the left one being cut off at the tip, and a pair of teeth curving outwards. The left tooth is broken off. The gargon most notably has arms with 3 claws. Its appearance as a whole is a reference to gargoyles.

Mythical Serpent

The Mythical Serpent looks much different than the other skins. Its red body is coiled up like the snakes in the game with two darker stripes and a light orange sail. The underside is tan in color. Two short 3-clawed arms can be seen, one near the head and the other near the tail. Its head is small and narrow with barred eyes in eye sockets. It has a furry yellow ruff and an additional bunch of fur on its head. The Mythical Serpent has four white curved teeth at the front of its snout, nostrils, and a small tuft of fur beneath each nostril. Its tail is long, curving to the left(or right in relation to the serpent) with yellow fur. It looks much like an Eastern Dragon.

Forge Dragon

The Forge Dragon is mostly dark gray, resembling a recolored Knight Dragon. Its sides are darker with gradienting orange stripes and have uneven spines with slight orange sides near the tail. The spines on its back are longer and pointier, tipped with orange. Small freckles are scattered across its back. The wings are fairly large with orange membrane. Its angry eyes are outlined with orange with nostrils the same color. The Forge Dragon's tail is long and gray, its triangular tip looking similar to the Sea Monster's. Overall it looks like a miniature gray King Stan.

Fiery Dragon

The Fiery Dragon is a hot red orange, with a body structure like the Golden Dragon's. Its wings are larger and more rounded. Its spines curve inwards instead of outwards, and additionally has 2 pairs near the snout along with the back ones. The sides are striped with darker wavy lines. The spikes on its back are a bit more plump, and its snout has a smaller extra spike.


The Dragon is the weakest Apex tier by far (currently.)The best way to level up with a Dragon is by 1v1, since it is the only aspect it is slightly superior in. It is the most accustomed to fighting in the arena, as it has the most fluent movement in the arena, and is easy to work with. While it isn't essential, it is very effective, and while 1v1ing isn't the easiest concept to do, practice will pay off for good.

When hunting, use your fire breath carefully. It does a very little damage, and when used, it slows you down. Only use the fire when your target is in range. The fire can be useful because it can cancel your prey's Special ability and stop it from getting away. This applies for prolonged-use abilities, such as the Eagle’s and Rhino's. The Dragon is one of the animals that are not sped up or slowed down anywhere, including in rivers, oceans, hills, mud, etc. This can be used to the player's advantage, chasing down prey who are slow in said places and burning them. However, the dragon is slower than most Land animals on land, and most Ocean animals in water. This is probably to balance out the Dragon.

Avoid Black Dragons and other animals above you, especially if they have a teammate(s). They are extremely dangerous because they can camp the player in a cave if they want. Their fireballs can cover a long distance and does not slow them down when used, unlike the Dragon’s. However, there are exceptions: the player should burn them when they are distracted by a lot of animals, or when they are low health, or in the Ocean/Arctic/Desert without any teammates. Still, even in those scenarios, the player should watch out as they will lose a lot of XP if they aren't careful enough. The same applies to animals in the Monster tier. They should be avoided, but each monster is weaker in one biome. Depending on whichever monster poses the largest threat, hang around in the biome that that monster doesn't do well in.

Chase down Elephants unless you have low health or the elephant has allies. Burn them to deal damage when close, and steer the Elephant completely away from water. Since Elephants are fairly large and cannot climb hills, it is easy to pursue them. If they go into a cave, go in after them as the elephant usually runs out of water faster than dragons. However, do not let them get to water, as they can dive for a long time and also have their water recharged. Also don't attack a team of Elephants, as their abilities combined can easily overcome a Dragon.

Giant Spiders are also an easy victim of Dragons. Try to chase them to a bad spot - preferably in water, as they cannot make webs, cannot dive for long, and move extremely slowly, as well as having annoying water animals distract them. However, on land, the spider can usually ward off Dragons as they can go into small hiding holes and make webs - both not ideal for you.  You can try to hunt down Cassowaries; lead them to a water source, as Cassowaries are the slowest animals in water (besides Turkeys). With that being said the Cassowary can usually run away because they can stun the Dragon with their ability, they can go in hiding holes and do have a long diving time. However, if you see one in the Ocean, still block its path back to shore as you can easily trap them.

Hunting sea creatures will not guarantee a high success rate, as they can dive and hence, easily escape. It would be recommended to go for a sea animal that is on low health. Battling Krakens is not a good idea, but you can try. As the Dragon ability's reload time has been increased, the Kraken can easily dive underwater. Also, the Kraken can use their whirlpool against the dragon, which deals large damage. Unless the Kraken has extremely low health, the player should not try to hunt them down as a Dragon. The same applies with the King Crab except it is even deadlier; with faster reload and force from the claw smash, you may succumb to one easily so avoid them when seen.

You can attempt to fight Yetis; the snowball does little to no damage to a Dragon, so you won't have to worry about that. Try to hold them in a place where it is difficult for them to run away, and spam your ability. That should kill them if they do not retreat. When fighting Phoenixes, you should try to lead it away from lava. There, they can easily be killed as they cannot recharge their lava unless at a stone. However, the player should still watch out for the fire tornadoes as they can do a lot of damage to the Dragon. Preferably, lead the Phoenix to a water-body or a hiding hole. Avoid T-Rexes at all cost, they are your biggest enemy and weakness in your tier. Their bite ability is very overpowered, and the Dragon's meager fire isn't an even match in comparison. If confronted by a T-Rex, try to stay on it's tail—behind it's jaws so it can't use it's ability on you and bite it. When on low health, flee to an ocean or lake.

With all that being said, if there is an opportune time to kill another apex animal (e.g. if it is on very low health), you should definitely try to kill it. The Dragon's fire has been buffed a little to do more damage to apex tiers, so definitely take any opportunity that arises. 

Also, the Desert is a good farming spot for eating cacti and burning Pterodactyls to their sad ends. However, you still burn there so be extra careful from dying. Giant Scorpions are extreme dangers, since their ability inflicts massive damage on you if left untreated. If one stings you, get into a Hiding Hole to receive less damage from the shivering.

If you want to level up without having to survive multiple hard player encounters, then go to the ocean and farm islands, go from island to island and farm food on them. This "Island Farming" method created by @Slendy001, is slow, and requires patience, but it works. To avoid Sea Monsters, avoid flying in open ocean and fly over rocks and hills to get to an island. Once you are on it, it can no longer get you with its ability.


Based on

The Dragon is based on the Draco, aka Dragon. They are quite common in most mythology and fairy tales. Unlike in Mope.io, fantasy dragons are able to fly high, and can shoot large fire streams like the King Dragon.



Many people formerly hated the Dragon due to the fact it was mildly overpowered and frequently used for teaming. The developers have nerfed the Dragon a few times throughout Mope.io's existence and was majorly nerfed in the birds update, along with their fireball cooldown increasing from one second to three seconds.

This caused many people to label the T-REX as unplayable, since it was very poor against Dragon and was bad against most other apexes as well. The T-REX however was buffed in an update where it has a longer dive time than Dragons and can still use their ability/shake animals when on fire or even hurt/stunned by anything else.

Finally, when Battle Royale and Team Mode were released, the Dragon (and pretty much everything else that spawns fireballs) got a fireball delay. This feature means that they are unable to burn animals that were hurt 3 seconds ago. Although ground fires still burn, the nerf was quite successful since ground fires are not very common. This was all done to prevent Dragons from teaming with other animals or Dragons. Another nerf includes that people can't tail-bite animals that are lit on fire. MopeTubers made many criticisms to how unbalanced the Dragon was.[1][2]


After the #GoldenAge update on December 23, 2019, there was a pattern of complaints that the Dragon was now underpowered. All other tier 15 animals could easily kill a Dragon, even a whole team of them. Ironically, the T-Rex at this time was also harshly criticised for its extreme imbalance and being able to kill an apex with ease, especially the Dragon. The only area that the Dragon is slightly superior in is the 1v1 arena.


  • An update from November 23, the "Flying over Rocks" one, made the Dragon able to hide in large holes. This was fixed two days later.
    • When the Black Dragon is introduced, Dragons could again hide in caves. However, this is not a glitch as they are intended to be able to save themselves from Black Dragons.
    • They can hide in Large Hiding Holes ever since the cave was introduced as a separate thing.
  • There was once a joke that occurred when a Dragon attained 100M XP: they would automatically devolve into a Mouse that could not evolve anymore. Tail-biters would receive 10K XP from each bite, making any possible tail-biter go straight to Cheetah/Stingray. This "feature" has since been removed from the game because of the addition of the Black Dragon.
  • They are the only animal that can go over Rocks without diving, other than Seals, Crabs, Turtles, and Walruses. However, they have to actually climb them while Dragons can fly over them.
  • Dragons themselves don't burn in lava. However, they are not immune to it as they will still burn from fireballs spawned from the lava and can generally get burnt by the Black Dragon and the Phoenix. The reason they don't burn in lava is that they can fly over it, similar to how it can fly over everything else as well.
  • When the fireball ability was added, it could pull out victims from underwater, but one update later, the ability and the Dragon were nerfed.
  • When an animal is burning, they cannot use their ability, much like stun and bleeding.
  • It is the animal that has had the most changes to its XP requirements:
    • First, it upgraded at 100K and evolved at 100M.
    • Then it upgraded at 300K and evolved at 100M.
    • Then it upgraded at 1M and evolved at 100M.
    • Then it upgraded at 2M and evolved at 100M.
    • Then back to 1M.
    • Then it evolved at 5M.
    • Then it evolved at 10M.
    • At the current day, with the addition of the Monsters, Dragons evolve at 5M XP.
  • Firey Dragon's name is misspelled: The name should say "Fiery Dragon," whereas the skin is called "Firey Dragon"



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