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UPGRADED to Dino Monster!
Knock prey in Air to inflict deadly damage!

The Dino Monster is a Tier 16 Land animal in, and the equivalent of the Sea Monster, Ice Monster, Giant Scorpion, and Land Monster.



The Dino Monster is a brown mutant dinosaur; a hybrid of a T-REX, Triceratops, and Nodosaurus. It has a Triceratops face with horns but a T-Rex's mouth and arms. it has also big spikes/plates on its back and dark-brown spikes surrounded along the body, which come from the Nodosaurus.


If you see a Black Dragon then try to throw it, horns does a little damage but you can kill it with an army.

The ability can help Dino Monster to kill its prey but also works as a defence tactic. If a Dino Monster is surrounded by teamers or a group of other animals then it can use the Charge ability to escape from their reach. During this type of usage, when Dino Monster hits any animal less than 1s of charge time then it won't toss them in the air instead it will knock them back and give a 2s stun, make them go flying in the air and run away. It can also toss the Black dragon in the air but for a shorter time, how long an animal stays in the air depends on which tier and how much XP the animal has. The higher tier the animal is, and the more XP it has, the shorter it flies in the air. It can also climb hills to escape from teamers or Black Dragons.

Use your ability like an overpowered Bison. It is faster and also does more damage, so it is a great ability.

You can go into the Desert, since the Dino Monster no longer suffers burn damage. There will be plenty of animals there, but particularly target Blackwidow Spiders, Pterodactyls, Bison and Komodo Dragons. If they are on low health from eating a cactus, it becomes a guaranteed kill. Potentially Blackwidows and Pterodactyls may be more of a challenge since both can climb rocks. If the rock is small enough and if you still come into contact with the animal while charging, they may still be tossed off the rock. The latter animal is harder to catch since it can fly away. Try ram a Pterodactyl as it is beginning take-off to fly. You can also try eating a Giant Scorpion. Repeatedly knock them into the air, and significantly take their health away. Beware their stings though; stings can work on the Giant Scorpion's equivalents, so just go into a hiding hole if stung and on low health. If not on low health, don't bother hiding, as the health reduction isn't as high for the Dino Monster.

Most of your monster equivalents are easy to kill. Try knocking the Land Monster far away from the volcano; rinse and repeat. If you manage to do the same with a Sea Monster, ram it from the ocean. If successful for either, you have a good chance of eating them. Ice Monsters are a bit more of a challenge, they can put up quite a fight with the ice crystals. Avoid Ice Monsters if your health isn't too high. As for other Dinos; it really depends on how good you are at 1v1. If not, try asking to 'team' or be on peaceful terms. If that fails, ram them away and make a run for it, especially if you're on low health. Giant scorpion is even more of a challenge, they can even kill you. When you spot a giant scorpion on a rock/oasis, its better not to try to ram it, because dino cant climb rock, and is very slow on oasis. (((Giant scorpion is actually quite weak if they cant manage to stop your ability because your cooldown is faster than the stun, so you can just ram them until they die, but dont be too greedy, it could make you die!)))

Cassowaries are your speciality. You are just as fast as they are so you can run them down and knock them into the air. If there are several teaming up on you, just charge away. An alternative is to run them down with your charge, but it won't work with too many of them. Dino Monster is very dangerous. Sometimes with the Dino Monster, bigger is better; you have more chance of hitting bigger Dino monsters when fighting with them.

T-Rexes are a hazard, if in numbers. On their own, the T-Rex causes high damage to any animal. However, a team of two can, and may try to kill you. The best way to deal with one is, initially pretend to run away. Charge in the opposite direction, then turn around when out of their sight and ram into them! Unless the player has very good instincts/reacting time, they will have no time to respond and will be rammed. This is very risky so it may be wise to charge away and hills to your advance, (T-rex can’t climb hills). When dealing with a team, target the T-Rex with lower health. Focus on one and knock it into the air until it eventually dies from some other cause.






  • The Dino Monster is actually based off of a dinosaur cryptic from Dungeons and Dragons called Tarrasque.
  • It's is the second dinosaur-like animal in (the first one being the T-Rex) and is also the third Jurassic animal.
  • Its ability is similar to the charge ability of the Rhino, Swordfish and Muskox combined with the Bison and Markhor's ability, but with an extra mechanic added to it.
  • There is currently a glitch where, if you are tossed in the air by a Dino Monster, you will go a lot further in the air than usual if you rapidly spam the Space bar.
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