The Dino Monster is the Tier 16 Animal in The animal was confirmed by developer on Official Youtube channel in a teaser. Its the 4th confirmed animal from 4 upcoming monsters. The other monsters are Sea Monster, Ice Monster, and Land Monster.


The Dino Monster is a brown weird mutant dinosaur; a mix of a T-Rex, Triceratops, and Nodosaurus. It has a Triceratops face with horns but a T-Rex's mouth and arms. it has also big spikes/plates on its back and dark-brown spikes surrounded along the body, which come from the Nodosaurus.


The ability can help Dino Monster to kill its prey but also works as a defense tactic. If a Dino Monster is surrounded by teamers or a group of other animals then it can use the Charge ability to escape from their reach. During this type of usage, when Dino Monster hits any animal less than 1s of charge time then it won't toss them in the air instead it will knock them back and give a 2s stun, make them go flying in the air and run away. It can also toss the Black dragon in the air but for a shorter time, how long an animal stays in the air depends on wich tier and how much xp the animal has. The higher tier the animal is, and the more xp it as, the shorter flies it in the air. It can also climb hills and trees to escape from teamers or Black Dragons. Cassowaries are your specialty. You are just as fast as they are so you can run them down and knock them into the air. If there are several teaming up on you, just charge away. An alternative is to run them down with your charge, but it won't work with too many of them.


The Dino Monster is actually based off of a dinosaur cryptid called Tarrasque.

The Dino Monster is the second dinosaur-like animal in, the first one being the T-Rex.

Its ability is similar to the charge ability of the Rhino, Swordfish and Muskox, but with an extra mechanic added to it.

It is the only monster so far to receive a new skin.


Dino Monster

The scrapped Dino Monster

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