Stan Tatarnykov, better known as Clickstan is the developer of He lives in Toronto, Canada and has Ukrainian origins. He has a twitter account. Not much is known about him.


  • On the subreddit, his flair image is a black version of the Dragon.
  • He was the only developer until October 29th, when Pike joined as a designer.
  • He apparently made a game called "Floppy Worm" and played Runescape.


Pike was the first designer of, and he has made all of the animal skins and flairs. He isn't a current designer, however.


The YouTube icon of Pike

Also, he has a Twitter account and a YouTube account. He is also a moderator of the official subreddit, and an editor of this wiki: PikeYT


  • He was the second person who took part in developing the game, after Clickstan.
  • He is actually French and is 15.
  • On subreddit he's image flair is black kraken.

On 10/12/2017, he resigned.

King Of

The King Of is the CO developer of Like Pike, he has a YouTube channel too and uploads upcoming animals in the future, sometimes accidentally.


  • He's flair on the subreddit is another version of black dragon
  • He also is the owner of MopeX, a mod pack on the chrome web store for


TheGiantSlug WAS the main Designer of mope for almost 2 months. He is American and is 15 years old. He has a YouTube channel where he posts art challenges.

His YouTube channel:

Recently he too, along with Pike!, resigned from mope designing. Slug stated he left because koa is an awful person to work with, and he has designing jobs elsewhere.


The third Designer for mope, was hired by Stan for a week before getting fired because koa refused to work with him.


  • He is one of the well-known SubReddit artists, with his work being featured by many MopeTubers.
  • He is one of the few Designers to be featured in TB mods, the leading mod.


Sam.ple is the current and only official designer. Stan hired him During Feb 2018. He created the Phoenix. Sam.ple's former names were Err0r and DaRealPhoenix.