The Developers, also abbreviated as Devs, collectively work to install new updates, fix problems and overall make as best as it can be. See this section for the full list of developers that are still part of the team. Click here to see resigned developers and designers.

Current Developers and designers

Addicting Games

The logo of the Addicting Games website, also known as Addicting Games is a popular games website that acquired on September 12, 2020.[1][2] Their website is located here, and specifically is sectioned here. They have not changed any aspects of the game so far, but apparently aim to fix many current issues, namely lag. The head of Addicting Games is Bill Kara, who is also considered the CEO of[1][3] He posted an 'AMA' on Reddit, where he answered questions that the community had and Addicting Games' plans for[4]


  • Although much of the fanbase assumed the Addicting Games acquisition would result in changes to the development team, Stan confirmed that this will most likely not happen.[1]


The YouTube icon of Clickstan

Stan Tatarnykov, better known as Clickstan, is an advisor and the creator of He lives in Toronto, Canada and has Ukrainian origins. Clickstan used to be the head developer and owner of the game, but stepped down after selling it to Addicting Games.[2] He stated that this is mostly due to him not having the same motivation and creativity as he had upon's initial release on October 6, 2016. However, he is still part of the dev team in order to assist and provide feedback on updates.[1]


  • On the Subreddit, his flair image is a black version of the Dragon.
  • He was the only developer until October 29th 2016, when Pike joined as a designer. He then came back in 2020 to be a co-developer of
  • He made a game called "Floppy Worm"[5] and uploaded various "Runescape" gameplay videos on his YouTube channel.[6]

King Of Agario

The YouTube icon of KOA

King Of Agario, also known as " Dev King Of Agario" on YouTube, commonly abbreviated to KOA, is the co-developer of Like Pike, he had a YouTube channel where he uploaded teasers of various animals. KOA has added many influential features such as the Eagle, and contributed to the #GoldenAge update.


  • KOA originally left the subreddit in early 2018, but rejoined on August 19, 2020, and is now a moderator on there.[7][8]
  • His flair on the subreddit used to be another version of the Red Dragon.
  • He also is the owner of MopeX, a mod pack on the chrome web store for
  • In the about description of the YouTube channel Dev King of Agario, it says "King of Agario aka Shahbaz."[9]
  • In the outro of some of KoA's videos, it has been stated that MopeTubers Fortish, NoobHimself and SK are official media partners of[10]
  • KoA had a pet chicken named Chiku[11] who was rescued in a storm.[12] Unfortunately, Chiku died on June 28, 2020.[13]

Shaun Goodwin

Shaun Goodwin is one of the current official designers. During November of 2018, Shaun was hired by Stan as a trial designer for He was promoted to a official designer sometime around late-December of 2018/early-January of 2019. He created/edited a majority of the desert animals and was the first to create an animated animal other than the Phoenix in (Fennec Fox) Shaun has a Reddit, Discord, YouTube, and FANDOM account.

Shaun Goodwin's Reddit, Wiki, and original YouTube logo.


  • Shaun created two graphics known as the rock and hill textures for two years prior to being an official designer. You can find Shaun credited in the updates under the update titled "Update(Jan 13) Dragon fire!" from 2017.
  • He created over half of the current rare animals as of October 2, 2019.
  • Shaun has worked with Luca Anker, Sam.ple, and the Titans of Art, making him the first designer to officially work alongside other designers/artists.
  • Shaun created the most variants for a single animal. This animal is the lion which has three main variants; the lion, lioness, and lion cub. Each one having neutral, white, and black variants. The lion, having a black-maned variant, which makes a total of 10 different animal variants on a single animal.
  • KoA claimed Shaun is the "King of Titans", which is in reference to the Titans of Art. The Titans of Art were the group of trial designers chosen by Stan. One of the trial designers happened to be Luca, one of the new designers.
  • Shaun Goodwin is the creator and owner of the official Discord server.

Luca Anker

Luca Anker (many people know him as Physeter), is the full-time designer and he works along with Shaun. He was hired as a trial designer in June of 2019 and was considered as a official designer around late-July/early-August of 2019. He designed most of the shop animals, as well as the Markhor.

Luca's profile picture on most of social media, like youtube, reddit or discord. Physeter whale


  • He is Brazilian and 14 years old as of April 6, 2020
  • Along with Shelby and Syed, he is considered one of what KOA calls "The Titans of Art", which are the trial designers chosen by Stan in the "designer application of 2019". KOA mentioned them in the description of the #GoldenAge Teaser
  • Luca is called "L(S)uca" in the description of the Golden Age Teaser as a joke because oddly enough, all current members of the Team have names starting with the letter "S".
  • He was also one well-known subreddit artist, and got hired nearly 1 year later he joined the subreddit.
  • He also made the knight dragon and he was inspired by Shirley, and Advisory.

Syed Galib

Syed Galib is one of the helpers. He was hired as a trial designer in June of 2019 along with Luca Anker and Shelby. He created some of the #GoldenAge animals and the donkey rares. He is also a veteran player who joined mope around one month after its initial release.

Mope io Syed's signature dragon (5th remake) (snail skill) (gemstone dragon).png


  • Syed is now a snail (who knows why...)
  • His name in-game is "I'm Syed :I", which is commonly stolen by imposters!
  • He is 17 years old and was born on December 4, 2002.
  • You can find him by chance in New York, and Miami servers. (more likely in New York1 or 2)
  • He a DonOfMope.... And a snail... and some giant healing stone dragon.... he gon' make up his mind being one of them or what?
  • Comes every time as a chat moderator on KoA's YouTube livestreams/premieres.
  • Syed has a reddit account here, and a FANDOM account.

Vix Star

Vix's YouTube logo.

Vix Star was hired as a trial designer in October of 2019 along with Lapis Lazuli. The team promoted him to official designer along with Lapis on November 15th.


  • He is 15 years old.
  • He isn't very well know on the subreddit and got hired after joining for 2 months.
  • His in-game name is Vix.
  • Vix usually plays on New York or Miami servers.
  • Funnily enough, Vix and Lapis' promotions to new trial designers ruined the 'S' chain of developers' names.

Advisory Separability

Advisory Separability was hired as a trial designer in November of 2019. On November 15th, the team decided he would be a helper. (He is also known as Advisory, Allivisory, or Daniel, according KoA)

Advisory's Signature Animal


  • Because of his inability to get Skype he initially wasn't chosen, but later on he was able to get Skype to join the trial Designers.
  • He was introduced to the developers by Luca Anker, and later on the designers decided to accept him.
  • He is the first Mope team member with a name that starts with the letter 'A'
  • His Signature Animal is the Alligator which gives the name Allivisory.
  • Advisory Separability has a reddit account.


Makoshark12, also known as Mako was hired on June 3, 2020.[14] According to KoA, he has been accepted as an official member of the design team without any trial-run. Mako's Dolphin skin was accepted as the final design.[15]

His Reddit profile picture


  • He has a reddit account, and the art that he posted there is what influenced KoA's decision to hire him.
  • He likes sharks.
  • He's Argentinean.
    • Mako is the second member of the Team to be from South America and the first to speak Spanish natively.


Feesh, also known as Alez, became a helper on June 27, 2020.[16] On August 10th, he was promoted to official designer status.[17]. He's known for creating Great Red which KOA added as Queen Scarlet. He is also a moderator on the Subreddit and a Discord admin.

Feesh's profile picture on reddit


  • He is 15 years old.
  • Feesh also posts art on Reddit, his account being here.
  • He claims he has been making mope art from around the games launch, with the help of most of the official designers at the time (Slug, Sam.ple, Shaun Goodwin).
  • He is the creator of a Mope Discord Rich Presence Extension that was rumored to come out but got delayed because of anti-mod updates.

Former Developers and designers


Pike was the first designer of and he has made all of the original animals' skins and flairs. He isn't a current designer, however. On 10/12/2017, he resigned.

The YouTube icon of Pike

Pike has a Twitter account[18] and a YouTube channel[19], and has a FANDOM account. He used to be one of the official subreddit moderators until he resigned.


  • Pike was the first official designer. He was the second person to take part in developing after Clickstan
  • Pike is French and is 18 years old.
  • His image flair is black kraken on the subreddit.
  • He went on to create a new .io game called


His YouTube profile picture

TheGiantSlug was one of the designers for nearly 2 months. He is American and is 15 years old. Along with Pike, he resigned from mope designing. TheGiantSlug stated he left because "KOA is an awful person to work with", and he has designing jobs elsewhere.



SirNathan was the third designer for He was hired by Stan for a week before getting fired because he refused to work under KoA's instructions. SirNathan has a reddit account linked here, and was one of the well-known subreddit artists. His work has been featured by many MopeTubers.



His YouTube channel icon

Sam.ple was hired by Stan in February 2018. Sam.ple's former names were Err0r and DaRealPhoneix (- Real) Sam.ple modernized the bird style for, and created the Phoenix. However, resigned from designer status due to his studies but returned 8 months later. After a few months he made a community rant on the subreddit and left mope completely.


  • Sam.ple announced his resignation in the subreddit on 01/06/2019. He resigned due to having little time for work, instead, to pursue his university studies.
  • Sam.ple still helps the Team with designs whenever he has time.
  • He is the first designer to return after resigning from their official rank as designer.
  • He has a YouTube channel, and has made some collaborations with other MopeTubers such as Fortish and Nation.[24]

Shelby Minniti

Shelby was hired as a trial designer in June of 2019 along with Luca Anker and Syed Galib, but after Luca Anker was chosen as official designer she resigned. She made some of the Golden animals and the Demon Fish.


  • Work in progress

Lapis Lazuli

Profile picture for Reddit and YouTube

Lapis Lazuli (Some people know him as Pidge Pedalo Pablo or AnnoyingPigeonDog) was hired as a trial designer in October of 2019 along with Vix Star. He was promoted to official designer along with Vix Star on November 15th. He was removed from the team on December 18th.


  • He is 14 years old.
  • Before he was hired as a trial designer, he created the Emerald (A.k.a. Green or Peridot Pterodactyl) and Blue (a.k.a. Shiny or Aquamarine Pterodactyl) pterodactyls, Prisma Toucan, and the Black and Woolly Rhinos (He worked with Shirley on the rhinos).
  • His Signature Animal is the Pigeon/Dove and the Lapis Lazuli Dragon.
  • Lapis was also one well-known subreddit artist, and got hired nearly 1 year later he joined the subreddit. He still frequently uses the subreddit to post art and make comments.
  • He is a mix of Chinese and Polish.
  • You can find him mostly on New York, Chicago or Frankfurt servers.
  • He has a FANDOM account called LapisLazuliThePedalo, and a reddit account - mostly uses reddit to post re-skins and other art of animals.[25]

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