UPGRADED to Desert Chipmunk!
Press W to spit food to boost yourself!
Not to be confused with the Chipmunk, a tier 1 Arctic animal that has a similar name and appearance.

The Desert Chipmunk is the second Desert animal in Mope.io, and equivalent to the Rabbit, Pigeon, Trout, and Arctic Hare.


  • Upgrades from the Mouse, Desert Rat, Shrimp or Chipmunk at 50 XP.
  • Upgrades to the Meerkat, Mole, Chicken, Penguin or Crab at 200 XP.
  • 'Spit Food' ability will boost animal forward, and when used, will produce either combination of the following:
    • 1 Date.
    • 2 Dates.
    • 3 Dates.
    • 1 Date and 1 Water droplet.
    • 2 Water droplets.
    • 1 Water droplet.
    • Nothing at all.
      • If an animal comes into contact with the spitten food, it will be momentarily stunned, and will have consumed the food even if it is too high a tier to normally eat it.
  • The Desert Chipmunk can eat all tier 2 foods, and every tier 1 animal.


It has a light-brown body with 3 white stripes on its back. It also has 2 stripes by its nose and 2 round ears. Of course it has an tail on the back. When its using its ability, the eyes go in derp mode and the face gets 2 roundings that resamble the cheeks.


Go to hills in the Desert, and eat dates there. Large groups of dates form around hills, but can also be scattered around randomly. Chasing after prey is pointless at this stage, as it would be quicker to farm up to tier 3.

An alternative is to stray outside of the Desert, and into the Land biome. Spit water into mushrooms by pressing S 4 times, to produce berries. Healing Stones are also a useful resource that is worth investing time into (note that they also spawn in the desert).

If a predator does happen to chase you, use your 'Spit Food' ability to speed ahead and stun them. If no predator tries to chase you, you can use your ability for the sake of eating the Dates you may spit out. Another option is to climb a tree, as Desert Chipmunks are able to do so. Simply wait there until the predator leaves, as most predators around this animal's end of the food chain can't climb trees.






  • Its the third animal that can shoot food, with the other two being the Gorilla and Toucan.
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