Desert background

The Desert is the fourth biome added in the game and is located at the bottom of the map with the size similar to the Arctic’s size.  The plan out of the landscape was released to on the 11th of October 2018. It came back on January 3 2019. The Desert officially was released on April 27, 2019


One of the subreddit moderators, SketchyPotato98 confirmed that the Phoenix will be the apex tier animal (tier 15) of the Desert, but KOA and Shaun Goodwin made another Desert apex tier known as the Pterodactyl. The animals are the Desert Rat, Desert Chipmunk, Meerkat, Armadillo, Gazelle, Fennec Fox, Camel, Warthog, Hyena , Gobi Bear/Rattlesnake, Vulture, BisonKomodo DragonBlackwidow Spider, Pterodactyl, and the Giant Scorpion. These were all confirmed by KOA on his Youtube videos.

If a non-Desert animal enters the Desert, they burn from the heat. The desert also has Venus Fly Traps, which produce Mangoes, edible by Armadillo and up, and there are also Cacti, which Blackwidow Spider and above can eat, though it does stun and damage all animals under monster tier upon eating. The Cacti also spawn Cactus Pears, which Meerkat and up can eat. There is also Aloevera, which are edible by Komodo Dragon, and which spawns Aloe leaves, edible by Gazelle and up. In the Oasis and Quicksand, you can also find Melons. It has the lowest amount of food present among all the biomes and also has one of the fewest amounts of hills and rocks. It has no plants unique to its own terrain, but it is under development, so it may have more terrianeal features in the future.



  1. Bushes.
  2. Mango Trees.
  3. Orange Trees.
  4. Date Trees.
  5. Quicksand.
  6. Cacti.
  7. Hiding holes (Small and large).
  8. Hills (Varying sizes, some contain rocks).
  9. Venus Fly Trap.
  10. Carcasses.
  11. Aloeveras.
  12. Oasises.


Tier 1. Desert Rat

Tier 2. Desert Chipmunk

Tier 3. Meerkat

Tier 4. Armadillo

Tier 5. Gazelle

Tier 6. Fennec Fox

Tier 7. Warthog

Tier 8. Camel

Tier 9. Rattlesnake

Tier 10. Gobi Bear/Hyena

Tier 11. Vulture

Tier 12. Bison

Tier 13. Komodo Dragon

Tier 14. Blackwidow Spider

Tier 15. Pterodactyl

Tier 16. Giant Scorpion

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