Press W to bite and drag around animals!
+ (Now hide in water spots)+ Swim well in Mud, Lakes & Oceans!

The Crocodile, formerly known as the Croc is a tier 11 Land animal in Mope.io. It's the equivalent of the Octopus, Lion, Falcon, Vulture and Polar Bear.


  • Upgrades from the Bear, Tiger, Swordfish, Pelican, Hyena, Gobi Bear or Wolf at 90K XP.
  • Upgrades to the Rhino, Eagle, Wolverine, Markhor, Bison or Shark at 145K XP.
  • Can eat everything from below it to Mole and all food items except Cacti, Cactus Pears, Dates and Berries.
  • It can be eaten by all animals that are above tier 12 (Eagle and beyond).
  • The Crocodile can swim quickly in water, and move fast/dive in mud. Furthermore, the Crocodile is also unaffected by the River's current.
  • The Crocodile has an ability called the 'Bite Drag' that drags other animals, causing damage and allowing the Crocodile to drag them anywhere they want but at a very limited pace. You can let go of the animal anytime by pressing W again.



The Croc has a neon green body, with a roundish snout wielding 22 fearsome teeth, with 10 pointing up and 12 pointing down, and 10 dark green spines, 5 on each side. Its noticeably short tail is the same colour of green as its body, except for the tip, which is the dark green colour of the spines. It has a belly that is lighter than the spines but darker than the rest of the body.

Giant Crocodile

The Giant Crocodile's body is a light black. It has more spines on its back than the regular Croc; and additional two rows on each side. It also has a few on its snout. This skin also lives up to its name. When near full XP capacity, the Giant Croc grows a lot larger than normal Crocs. It can get up to (and larger than) a freshly upgraded Yeti, Dragon, or even a Kraken.

Gold Trim Crocodile

The Gold Trimmed Crocodile is similar to the normal Crocodile but the spikes on its back, some of its darker spots and its teeth turn golden.

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam appears to be a patriotic skin, with a teal body and white spikes and eyebrows. It has a blue vest, a red ribbon/scarf and a white top hat. The top hat has a ribbon that features white stars. This might lead to some U.S.A animals in the future.


Go into the ocean to get XP easily. There will be plenty of snails, land prey going into the ocean for some reason, and kelps, seaweeds, conches, and other foods. Eat multiple Red Mushrooms and Chili Peppers, as combined they will easily provide plentiful XP.

Drag ocean prey out of the ocean for a free lunch. They will be very slow in the land and their chance of going back into the ocean is low. Another option is to do vice versa; drag land prey into the ocean, where they will be most likely slow and unable to escape. As it happens, the Crocodile's ability works on tier 11 equivalents. Try tricking/luring an Octopus close to shore, and drag it onto the shore! Block their path back to any water source, and feast on their meat once they die from dehydration. This trick also works for predators, particularly Shark and Killer Whale, but it can be risky as them damaging the Crocodile can stop the ability instantly.

Another easy strategy is to find a River, and drag Frogs (even when they are diving) onto land. Your ability will get them on low enough health that one bite will kill them.

When using the crocodile's special ability, the player should protect their tail. Change directions if someone is going for your tail and stop your ability if there is a predator nearby. If you see a predator on very low health, go for it. Either kill it with a tail-bite or your ability.

When chased by Eagles, don't panic. Crocodiles are faster than them almost everywhere, unless they are using their grab ability and flying. If an Eagle swoops and tries to grab the player, dive if possible. If not, scan the area that the eagle is taking the player. If it drops you into the middle of multiple of predators, there is not much to do about it except try to escape into a hiding hole. However, if the Eagle decides to eat you itself, flee into a hiding hole, mud or water.

When being chased by any predator except Hippo, Dragon, Black Dragon, or Sabertooth, go into a river and run against the river's current to escape quickly. You can also try flee them via the mud or water, whichever either one is weaker in. If you are chased by one of the said animals, go to the nearest hiding hole or whirlpool. If you cant see any, go to water or mud, where you can dive for a long time, don't have to worry about water.

You can also try farm melons in the desert, in quicksand patches and oases. Crocs get a speed boost in the quicksand, so farm there. However, oases are better as they can maintain your water supply, and most desert predators are slow in water and easy to avoid.

If you see a Falcon or Lion on low health, be sure to go close to them, and drag them! They will die very soon and will provide you with heaps of Meat.



  • Around the early days when the game was released - before the Bear or Cheetah were added - it upgraded from the Lion at 16K XP.
  • Before the Hippo and Rhino were added, it upgraded to the Dragon at 70K XP.
  • Way back when the Crocodile was added, its main body colour was #00FA00. It then changed to #00D800 in the October 30, 2016 update.
  • It was the last animal to get an ocean variant, with that said variant being the Octopus.
  • On January 20, 2017, the Crocodile had a glitched secret ability where it did nothing.
  • It has the fourth longest dive time of all animals at one minute, with only the Shark, the Hippo, and The Kraken having superior diving times.
  • There used to be a glitch where if one crocodile bit another the other would become invincible for a period of time allowing the Croc to drag everything including predators for the amount of time it was invincible.
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